Je suis une femme francaise

Fri, May 26, 2006


I didn’t realize it until yesterday, but apparently I am a French woman.

Not, not the Marie Antionette/Catherine Deneuve kind, but apparently the new au naturale type. Who knew that the gals you see walking down the Boulevard St. Germain, some of whom are the red purse-carrying, yappy dog-owning, silk scarf-wearing kind are casting off their Yves Rocher foundation for the “Natural Look?” It has become passe to sport a full complement of foundation, undereye cover, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and mascara in the City of Light. According to the New York Times, that is the “new” trend afoot in Paris — going without makeup, or at least wearing makeup so it looks like you’re not wearing any.

As my daughter and husband can attest, that must mean I have been French for at least the last 15 of my 40-odd years. Don’t get me wrong. I love makeup and am a girly-girl from the get-go when if comes to being suckered in by some new magazine ad for the latest lip color. I love buying it at the CVS, as well as at the department store counters, trying to find that right lip gloss or 3-in-1 moisturizer with tint and sunscreen. But more often than not when I roll out of bed to start my day and get my daughter off to kindergarten, I’m lucky if my face gets washed and that’s the way it tends to stay unless I have a meeting to go to. Otherwise, the people I see throughout the day — the mail carrier, grocery store clerk, pharmacist — all have to take me with face unadorned. I thought I was being lazy in my old age, but apparently I am just being Parisian! Come to think of it, many of the moms I see at school and around my neighborhood must be French, too!

Sure, I could use my makeup to create a “natural” look, but why give up the dark puffy motherhood circles under my eyes when it is so au currant!?

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One Response to “Je suis une femme francaise”

  1. Coolshoes Says:

    I suppose I’m French too. After all, I’ve long been a fan of buttery criossants, lingering over a two-hour lunch swirling wine, fine chocolates after dinner (OK, long after, but still), lots of vacation time, lazy Sundays, fashion fashion fashion, and too-sexy-for-their-jeans men.

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