Gore is SO running …

Sat, June 24, 2006


I know I said I was heading out for vacation (which we are, bright and early in the morning), but we just saw Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth tonight, and I just had to write something.

As we were having our pre-preview popcorn eating session, my husband and I were talking about whether Gore would really run for President in 2008. There’s been so much speculation with the release of the movie, plus his non-denial denials on various TV shows have left the tiniest possibility open to a 2008 candidacy.

After seeing the movie tonight, there is no question in my mind Gore will run for President in 2008. Why? I lost count, but he talked many times in the movie, which focuses on the global warming crisis faced by the whole planet, about the “moral imperative” we have to make sure that our major cities across the world aren’t swallowed up by the rising tides that will be produced in the next 20 years by our carbon dioxide emissions. I came to the conclusion tonight that if former Vice-President Gore (or, as he refers to himself mockingly in the movie, “the last, next President of the United States”) is so convinced that we need to act now and act seriously to prevent the destruction of much of the Earth’s land mass, that his moral imperative will force him to run to do whatever he can to save the planet.

If this sounds extreme, see the movie. Regardless of your politics, I guarantee that you will have some serious thinking to do about how we’ve polluted the planet in the last generation and our responsibility to reverse the trend. And I hope and pray that Al Gore will heed his own call to service and run for the Presidency one more time, and hopefully make it to the White House. Maybe this time, when he wins the majority of the popular vote, he’ll actually get to take the oath of office AND save the polar ice caps, as well, so our kids and their kids can walk, and not swim, through Manhattan and the other East Coast cities.

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