Enough with the slogans

Sun, July 30, 2006


I don’t want a Checklist for Change. I don’t need a Democratic Reunion. And I don’t want to hear about a New Direction for America. These are all supposed to be plans to help the Democratic party win in November and I don’t see how any of them can work.

I used to be the most shocked about how tone deaf the GOP is as a party. Now, even as a life-long Democrat, I can’t get over how out of touch the Dems are with what they need to do to take back the Congress and the White House. Isn’t there someone in charge who is trying to work on a real plan — a Dr. Evil/Karl Rove-type plan — to get more Democrats elected?

I guess it’s a lot easier to dream up some easy to remember, digestable phrase to make us think they have a clear plan for getting our country back on track and more in line with the actual desires and beliefs of voters when they have their own elections to worry about. Sorry if I sound cynical (I wasn’t this bad until fairly recently), but I look around and don’t see anyone who can manage to overcome the damage the Bush administration has done, and I’m guessing most Democratic leaders must be in the same boat. If not, I have to believe there would be a real plan being talked about, and not some catch-phrase to make us feel like they’ve got things under control.

Enough with style over substance. Where is the REAL plan, guys? As Dr. Evil would say, “Throw me a bone, here.”

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One Response to “Enough with the slogans”

  1. Marti Says:

    Here is a bone; although neither a Democrat or a Republican one; rather a hyrbrid bone like the bones that must come from that most southern of dishes- the turducken!



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