Is she going or not?

Mon, July 24, 2006


Everyone was abuzz Friday with news about our favorite Virginia mega-news star Katie Couric and her purported comments about not rushing to the Middle East like all the other reporters because she’s a single/widowed mother of two school-aged children.

As Howard Kurtz mentions in today’s Washington Post, CBS fell all over itself to “correct” that statement. Seems Katie never said that and CBS says she could go, claiming that her words were about Iraq and not the current Middle East crisis in Israel and Lebanon. Like one war zone is dangerous enough not to go to if you have kids and another isn’t? How about a little more sensitivity in the news rooms to parenting issues before more journalists’ children lose a mother or father to unnecessary conflicts?

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One Response to “Is she going or not?”

  1. MojoMom Says:

    MojoMom said…
    I hope that if this conversation continues in the media, it focuses on how dangerous the region is for journalists, rather than Katie Couric being a Mom. That would be a distraction from the overall situation in the Middle East. Journalists have really suffered in Iraq. Reporters Without Borders posts that 99 journalists and media assistants have been killed in Iraq since March 2003, and 2 are still missing. I will predict that Couric will go to the Middle East at some point, especially if the war story continues to develop. I guess I have mixed feelings. I want to respect her as a journalist, but for me, if the network’s #1 priority was “gravitas” they wouldn’t have picked a popular morning-show host to anchor the evening news. So to try to have to prove her gravitas by putting herself in danger seems counterproductive.

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