Let’s hear it for "Ugly Betty!"

Sun, July 30, 2006


OK, so the smart TV show about the first woman president wasn’t a ratings winner for ABC, but I’m hoping things will be better with Ugly Betty.

Yup … Ugly Betty is the name of a show that is being executive produced by Salma Hayek and is based on a wildly successful Latin American telenovela of essentially the same name.

And what’s supposed to be so great about Ugly Betty? Well, Ugly Betty is us. There aren’t that many of us who haven’t, at some point in our lives, been full of hope, ideas and optimism, only to have our dreams quashed by some glamour-gal (or boy) who believe that the only way to succeed in the world is to be beautiful.

OK, they had to ugly-up the lovely America Ferrera from Real Women Have Curves fame with braces, hideous red glasses and a wardrobe from the Salvation Army’s 1980s collection to turn her fea.

The real value of the show, aside from being a light diversion of 30 minutes on a weeknight, will be turning a mirror on our often shallow society and its negative impact on girls. As a mother of a daughter, I hope against hope that I will be able to find ways to keep her from the hurtful teasing that I know is inevitable all in all girls’ futures. Maybe Ugly Betty will be able to convey with humor what mothers have been unable to do in other ways — ease the path for our daughters to find their own inner beauty, regardless of what others think about their external looks.

As long as viewers can handle the sure-to-be-painful humor of Betty and the truths about our culture that will surely lie within the jokes, maybe Betty will get a run long enough to help a few girls find their inner confidence.

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One Response to “Let’s hear it for "Ugly Betty!"”

  1. Marti Says:

    Correction to my previous comment: The program that I watch weekly on Univision is called, “La Fea Mas Bella” which literally translates to “ugly but the beautiful one.” Ugly Betty is probably the Americanized name for this program.


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