Now he’s the Promiser?

Wed, August 30, 2006


First President Bush is “the decider.” Now, he’s the Promiser? My word, not his, but that’s what it sounds like he’s trying to convince us of.

Bushie chastised NBC’s Brian Williams in a recent interview for pushing him about why more hasn’t been done by the feds in the year since Hurricane Katrina to rebuild Louisiana and the other parts of the South that were pulverized by the Category 5 storm. Bush pronounced, and I’m paraphrasing here, that he keeps his promises, even if others in Washington don’t, and that New Orleans will be restored.

Well, that’s nice to hear, but last I checked, and from my recent West Wing rerun viewings, it’s not the President who OK’s money going to disaster areas, it’s Congress. So, it’s really nice that Bush wants to be the promiser-in-chief, but all his words about helping aren’t going to do squat until he sends the real signal to his Republican-controlled Congress that it’s time to make a real commitment to New Orleans.

My guess is that soon enough, after the anniversary has passed and the elections get closer, Bush will be more like ‘the forgetter.’

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One Response to “Now he’s the Promiser?”

  1. Mom101 Says:

    THANK YOU for pointing out this important distinction.

    Of course if he had his way, there would be no congress. Wasn’t it he who said he wouldn’t mind it being a dictatorship? Tooootally joking of course.

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