This is what happens when I take a day off from the computer

Thu, August 24, 2006


Rachel is still on summer vacation, so we spent the whole day yesterday driving to and “enjoying” HersheyPark. As a result, I didn’t see until this morning the buzz about the Forbes online article by Michael Noer discussing his theory that men should not marry career women — apparently two career relationships will be the doom of marriage as we know it. And Noer has taken it upon himself to encourage men from marrying anyone who makes over $30K a year.

So many hackles were raised that Forbes has already taken the original article down from its website, and replaced it with a point/counterpoint approach. But there is plenty of buzz .

Apparently Noer has signed on to the idea that us “career girls” (it’s apparently OK with him if you’re a working high-school drop-out) have so many adjustment problems and chips on our shoulders that our marriages are more likely to fail. Better to marry someone a little less smart who will be happy enough to just clean and have babies. Since marriage is hard enough, he says men should steer clear of us and, by inference, that perhaps the less educated gals are the way to go when picking a mate.

Noer isn’t just some crank they dug up to write something to spark reader debate — he’s the executive editor for News at Forbes. com — someone those male readers of Forbes will listen to, even if with it’s a “grain” of salt the size of a salt lick.

I’m just not even sure where to begin on this one. I’m thinking maybe the best thing to do is ignore him. If no one reacts to this stuff, he won’t keep writing it.

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