Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Wed, November 29, 2006


If you’re looking for a read that will snap you to attention, spend some time with Seymour Hersh’s recent New Yorker article on Bush, Cheney and Iran called The Next Act.

Think the recent Democratic election victories are going to throw cold water on the administration’s plans to “protect” the world from Iran’s supposed nuclear aspirations? Think again, says Hersh and a bevy of sources.

Hersh reports that Vice President Cheney has no intention of deviating from his plan to proceed to Iraq’s neighbor and that dealing with Iran is crucial to his plan for victory in Iraq. Plus, according to this report, Cheney believes, and apparently has convinced President Bush, that Iran is on the verge of joining the nuclear powers of the world and that action should be taken against Iran.

Funny thing is, according to Hersh, the CIA doesn’t agree:

“The Administration’s planning for a military attack on Iran was made far more complicated earlier this fall by a highly classified draft assessment by the C.I.A. challenging the White House’s assumptions about how close Iran might be to building a nuclear bomb. The C.I.A. found no conclusive evidence, as yet, of a secret Iranian nuclear-weapons program running parallel to the civilian operations that Iran has declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Apparently, Hersh’s sources tell him that Cheney and his supporters believe that the fact that there is no clear evidence of advanced nuclear activity in Iran simply means the Iranian government is really good at hiding it. Just as Saddam Hussein was hiding that nuclear smoking gun?

Sounds like the same political song, second verse to me.

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6 Responses to “Knock, knock. Who’s there?”

  1. Paige Says:

    Seymour Hersh has done some excellent reporting on the Bush Administration’s stance toward the so-called Axis of Evil. He is well worth the New Yorker subscription.

  2. Mom101 Says:

    Ooh I’m so there. Si Hersh always rocks it – thank God for one member of the third estate who still remembers what it means. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. jen Says:

    i really, really, really….cannot stand these people who are in charge of things.

    Hersh nailed it.

    But it’s not enough. They need to be stopped.

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all unfortunately.

  5. Gunfighter Says:

    Whatever military action the f*****g moron in the White House might be planning, it is bound to fail.

    Oh sure… we could smash Iran’s nuclear program, but to what end?

    A military strike would likely be, be necessity, limited in scope… meaning a bomber/missile strike(s), because our ground forces are being wasted in Iraq.

    If we did choose to go this route, what sort of pain could Iran inflict? on the U.S.? PLENTY

    What would we be able to do to alleviate said pain? NOT MUCH.

    I hope cooler heads prevail.

    By the way… why s a nuclear Iran more dangerous than a nuclear North Korea, or Pakistan

  6. Mixter Says:

    More of the same… they really are criminals.


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