You like me! You really like me!

Mon, November 20, 2006


As I mentioned in my last post, I went to the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism in Boston over the weekend.

It was a WriterMom’s dream — much-coveted alone time, excellent seminars by amazing and inspiring writers, catching up with fellow freelancers, a little wine, and re-discovering the passion (or as a friend might say, my mojo!) I have for writing and a variety of projects that have been lingering on my brain.

I also got to meet and network with a lot of people, including Dawn, an editor over at Literary Mama. I love that site, so when I read that on her name tag, I struck up a quick conversation and gave her my card. (Every now and then a little boldness happens!)

It wasn’t until I ran into her at another seminar the next day, that I realized she’s also a fellow blogger. But then came the best and most ego-boosting moment I’ve had in a long time. Her face lit up as I approached and she exclaimed, “You’re PunditMom!”

I know from the site meter and the posted comments I get every day (and thank you so much for them) that there are many of you out there reading what I have to say, pretty much every day, but my numbers are pretty modest compared to those who are blogging celebrities. But I would never have imagined that a chance meeting would produce such an incredible affirming feeling.

We both mused about whether things are cooling off in blog-land and whether blogs are on the downswing. I had been wondering the same thing recently, especially in connection with whether I should continue my PunditMom persona.

Dawn, even though you are wondering whether the end of blogs is near, your wonderful response to my blog has boosted my spirits and confidence, so I think I’ll keep at it for a while. ;)

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14 Responses to “You like me! You really like me!”

  1. jen Says:

    nice shout out to deserving folks. looks like it was a terrific time.

  2. MojoMom Says:

    Next year you should come to the Association for Research in Motherhood conference as well, if you can. Isn’t it fantastic to get to meet in person? Online is wonderful but it is even better if it is backed up with face-to-face interaction. By attending the ARM conference I felt like I was recharging my writing/blogging/podcasting batteries for a whole year.

  3. FrankLee Says:

    Sounds like a great conference.

    I hope you continue as PunditMom. I’ve really grown to enjoy reading your posts.

    You inspire me.

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Sounds like a great conference! I’m incredibly jealous.

    I love your blog, PM, and I hope you’ll continue.

  5. vasilisa Says:

    Keep the blog :-) We read it!

    And the conference sounds like fun. Actually meeting internet people in real life…

    Myself, ever since I’ve become a stay-at-home-mom most of my communications with the world are via internet. I think it would be surreal to meet people for real…

  6. PunditMom Says:

    Thank you all SO MUCH for you kind thoughts! Your comments are just the boost I needed! And I like reading all of your blogs, as well!

    MojoMom, is that the conference you just came back from? It sounded great from what you and others wrote.

  7. Gunfighter Says:

    Blogs on the downswing? Fat chance, PM.

    Now, if only I can find a blogging group for cops that cook…. (where police work isn’t really the focus).

  8. Kelley Says:

    What an amazing experience!

    I’ve also been wondering whether the whole blog trend is on the wane; I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that bloggers no longer generate the same buzz when it comes to traditional publishing? Of course, that’s only a tiny number of super-star bloggers, but still; seems like that feeling of setback could trickle down?

    Anyway, I hope you continue to blog! I always enjoy stopping by.

  9. Her Bad Mother Says:

    That’s a great feeling, isn’t it

  10. CrankMama Says:

    Don’t give up! Your voice would be missed (though it’s nice to see your comments as “Joanne/PunditMom” now instead of just pm.

    And the weekend! Sounds wonderful!

    I’m also going to check out that book…

    It is clear that both Watergate AND Vietnam have many lessons applicable to our times.


  11. Gunfighter Says:

    I meant to say that I got the Sally Field reference!

  12. Dawn Says:

    It was great to meet you, too! I don’t think blogs are on a down swing but I do think their individual impact is on a down swing. Blogging is certainly here to stay but it’s no longer that unusual to have one and there is so many bloggers who are really amazing writers that I think it’s much harder to build a huge following and have agents knocking at your door. A couple years back it seemed like everyone with a great blog was getting a book deal and now I’d say that having a blog can be an important part of platform but it’s much more rare that the blog *is* the platform (unless you’re dooce).

    I’m not sure how the blogging world will change but it certainly is changing a lot!!!

  13. Mixter Says:

    I’m not sure blogging is on a down swing so much as a) the election is over, and b) the holidays are fast approaching.

    I’ve certainly cut down on posting simply because I haven’t the time!


  14. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    I find that posting on my blog, reading my favorite blogs, and commenting provides an escape of sorts for me. It makes me feel so good to pull up the email and see people have made comments on my posts, or read a post to which I can completely relate! I love your blog, and enjoy reading it!
    ( Even if I don’t always agree with your politics!) You should be very proud of yourself! Go girl!

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