Actions speak louder than words

Sun, December 31, 2006


President Bush is too busy clearing brush and tending to the “ranch” to pay his respects by attending the service where former President Gerald Ford’s casket was carried to the Capitol Rotunda?

OK, George and Laura are making their way back to D.C. tomorrow to attend Ford’s funeral later in the week.

But in my mind, no matter what words Bush has to say about Ford, the fact that he decided to stay in Crawford rather than greet the funeral procession and Ford’s widow speaks volumes about the man’s fundamental lack of human compassion and civility.

By failing to return to Washington to greet Betty Ford and acompany her to the Rotunda, Bush has sent a not-so-subtle message to the country that the late President Ford’s passing isn’t worthy of deviating from one’s normal schedule — ‘I’ll get there when I can’ is more of the message that it conveys.

How can someone live with so little human empathy?

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10 Responses to “Actions speak louder than words”

  1. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Yeah, hate to interrupt the brush clearing and all that. I keep thinking that one day someone will at least help him get a clue, but no.

  2. karrie Says:

    But but.. clearing brush is hard work.The President was working hard. I bet he needs a nice vacation.

    He has a great track record that proves his lack of human empathy–among other things. Disgusting.

    ps–Do you know about this anthology?

  3. CrankMama Says:

    My theory is he was standing behind the big door when God (dess?) handed out souls.

    He has not had to suffer… he has been handed everything… therefore, he has no soul.

  4. Momish Says:

    It is boggling, isn’t it? Doesn’t he have like a cabinet to help him at least pretend to be more human?? Amazing!

  5. Gunfighter Says:

    Simply put, PM, it is because George W. bush is an asshole.

    It comes naturally to most republicans.

  6. Mamma Says:

    I SOOOO agree. Idiot!!

  7. Mrs. Chicky Says:

    How many more days until he’s gone? Gaahhhhh…

    (btw, Happy 2007!)

  8. Flybunny Says:

    I had the same thoughts exactly but thought I was alone in my sentiments since I live in the red state of KS and every where I look there is a car sporting a W sticker and he can do now wrong according to most that I talk to.

  9. jen Says:

    oh sister, but this is the very least of it, right.

    it’s hard. hard work. the war on brushery must continue.

  10. Gunfighter Says:

    Stay the course, PM, stay the course.

    The BSG (Brush Study Group) has suggested a change in tactis and urged a drawdown in brush-clearing forces, but the President has decided (against the aadvice of his gradeners) that a surge in brush-clearing is what is needed as a way forward… and he doesn’t care if only he, Laura, and Barney (their dog) agree with him.

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