OK, I’m desperate

Sun, December 17, 2006


I know I said the other day that Mr. PunditMom and I don’t exchange major gifts this time of year, but I do want to get him a little something.

I came up with what I thought was a good idea for the little Chanukah gift, but I’m at a loss even for a few stocking stuffers for 12/25.

If you’ll allow me to mix traditions, I know this is my mishigas and not his.

D. says, (and I believe him), that there isn’t anything he really wants that I can buy him at the mall or online — the thing he’d really like to have is more time with me and Rachel, but at the moment job demands aren’t lining up with the stars on that one.

But the thought of someone not having something to open on Christmas morning, even if Christmas isn’t your holiday, is anathema to me.

I know the whole need to give gifts and making sure that no one feels left out is my thing, having grown up with the Santa Claus fantasy. As a guy who does Chanukah, D. doesn’t have that ingrained obsession with this December tradition the way I do.

So here I am, T minus eight days and counting to St. Nick’s arrival, still grappling with how to find something meaningful to give him, not just some thing that will be another needless object to file, stack, hide or re-gift.

I’m hoping for a brainstorm, and soon, but the creativity forecast isn’t looking good today.

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12 Responses to “OK, I’m desperate”

  1. Gunfighter Says:

    Buy him a gift certificate at Victoria’s Secret… and let him pick out something nice for you… and him.

    Everybody wins.

  2. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    Is he a golfer? One of Paul’s favorite things to get is a round of golf at a really nice course. Somewhere that he might not necessarily play on a normal basis. Also, tickets to a sporting events or just sports enthusiast gear is a favorite of his! Just some thoughts. Of course, I like Gunfighter’s idea…..if you’re looking to spice things up this season! Good luck!

  3. Danielle Stirling Says:

    Something that my husband liked, although we rarely consider men as likely candidates for this kind of gift, was a gift certificate for a massage at a local spa. He was surprisingly impressed by the whole experience. Best of luck!

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Here’s a hint for next year (sorry it won’t help much this year). Sneak out with Rachel & have a photo shoot & have a really nice 8×10 of the 2 of you framed for him to take to work. T swears it was the best gift he’s ever gotten. (At least that wasn’t R rated. I know this is a family blog!)

  5. mad muthas Says:

    good luck – i’m in the same pickle. if you come up with anything brilliant, please let me know!

  6. Mombat Says:

    For my kids’ teachers, I sometimes transcribe an interview with them about their classroom experience. Just type furiously questions and answers — absolutely everything, including the “Are you writing down what I say?” Mine invariably come out hilarious. I’ll bet an interview about Dad could be very funny and touching.

    I also agree with LawyerMama re the photo gift — great for the office.

    Good luck. Tis the season to fret and feel inadequate. Argh.

  7. Paige Says:

    You wanna trade notes? I’m just as desperate this year. Sigh…

  8. karrie Says:

    We haven’t really worked out what we’re celebrating–I’m atheist, husband is lapsed Baha’i–but decided to fill stockings for one another. The man buys himself everything, and I mean everything that he wants.

    I hit a gourmet food store and bought a Kinderegg, peach-vanilla Lindt truffles (he loves peaches and these are not easily found in the US). Afterwards I went to a Restoration Hardware and found a Wheel-O. Remember those from childhood?


    I need to find a few more things,and keeping it fun yet not buying total crap or something he does not already own is nearly impossible.

    Good luck! I’ll probably check back here for inspiration.

  9. PunditMom Says:

    Thanks so much for all your great suggestions! Now, I have to choose!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Season’s Greetings, from the Land of the Robots

    - Davos Damocles

  11. Kate Says:

    Yikes, you’re in my club. I haven’t bought anything for my hubby yet either! And I have noooo ideas.

  12. Sandra Says:

    My hubby is the hardest person to buy for in the world!!

    So I don’t. But I like gunfighter’s suggestion :)

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