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Tue, February 27, 2007


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As I was leaving the grocery store parking lot yesterday, I noticed this bit of bumper sticker punditry that made me laugh and cry:

I never thought I’d miss Nixon …

PunditMom note: As part of my Parent Blogger duties, I have a post today over at PunditMom Reviews on a new book from the parenting shelf, Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children. I hope you have a chance to check it out!

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6 Responses to “Bumper Sticker Politics”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    Bwa-ha-ha on the Nixon sticker. Still, I’m not sure which is worse, the current idiot in office or an intellectual pathological paranoid liar. My late FIL actually worked for the Nixon White House, even though he was a liberal Democrat (I think he kept that under wraps then).

    Good reviews, and frankly most parenting advice is just common sense.

  2. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

    Good times.

  3. karrie Says:

    The idiot in office is worse, IMO.

    I have an “Impeach Bush” sticker and another one from Bush’s Last Day on the back window of my Element.

  4. jen Says:

    ah..yes. that is a good one. a very good one.

  5. Lawyer Mama Says:


  6. Shannon Says:

    I love it.

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