Come On Over!

Fri, February 23, 2007


There are plenty of books and articles out there commenting on (and complaining about) why working mothers don’t get a fair shake in today’s workplace.

But one group is out to do something about it.

MomsRising, the brain child of Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, is out to shed light on and take action against discrimination against mothers.

Their book, The Motherhood Manifesto, is now a documentary and may be coming to a living room near you!

The theme? There are still plenty of obstacles that working mothers face and we need to get together and stick together to really do something about those hurdles — hurdles that have faced working moms for decades and still do, like not getting equal pay for equal work and being legally discriminated against (you heard me, legally) in the workplace solely because of one’s status as a mother.

Yesterday’s New York Times featured a story called, “Mom’s Mad. And She’s Organized,” talking about the women around the country who are holding screenings of the DVD in their living rooms, as they sip a little wine and nibble on some cheese, to view the movie that not only examines why employers should focus on the benefits of flex-time arrangements, but also profiles a variety of women who have faced an array of workplace challenges and how they’ve tried to deal them.

In addition, MomsRising is adding to its roster of bloggers, and I’m honored to say that they have asked me to come on board in the effort to raise awareness and get something done about issues that effect so many families.

So when you have a chance, come on over — you’ll also find some of my favorites blogging there too — MojoMom Amy and Everyday Mom Miriam!

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7 Responses to “Come On Over!”

  1. Oh, The Joys Says:

    Sounds great – off to check it out!

  2. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Congrats! I’ll be sure to check it out.

  3. scribbit Says:

    Thanks for mentioning this, I’ll have to go read it.

  4. Mom101 Says:

    Whoo! Great for you! I’m so proud (and a little envious) to know you.

    I loved that the NYT got on that article yesterday. And I especially loved that they pointed out that MR is reaching out to even traditionally conservative Christian groups because it’s a family issue, not a political one.

    Change is a-comin’…

  5. vasilisa Says:

    Being a non-working mother (stay at home) I can only emphasize… To me working moms are amazing source of inspiration — how do they manage? Thanks for the info. I do plan to go back to work in a few years, and I need all the info I can find :-)

  6. karrie Says:


    I’ve loved the idea of Mom’s Rising since it’s inception, but thought they could do more content-wise with their site.

    Oh, and my copy of the dvd skips like crazy. Can you get on that? ;)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    That mom’s are organizing is wonderful. As you contemplate this issue consider your coworkers who are not Moms who cover for you when your child is sick and you must leave the office, work the evening or holiday shift so you can be home with you kids, and otherwise make it easier for you to do all you do. Your life is very full, so is hers. Flex-time arragnements are a great solution, but need to be fair to all workers.

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