Gaining Speed

Sun, February 25, 2007


Are moderate suburban women the future of the Democratic party?

That’s a question posed by a recent article in the New York Times entitled, In State Legislatures, Democrats are Pushing Toward Parity Between the Sexes, and the answer could be a resounding”yes.”

It seems that on the under-the-radar state government front, there’s an increase in Democratic women getting elected in districts that traditionally have voted Republican. And in Minnesota, they’re really picking up steam!

The New York Times article features a group of three women who are being referred to as the “Woodbury Three,” named after one the suburban enclaves there.

While it’s clearly worth noting that these women were able to sway the red voters to dip their toes in the blue column, I think their approach to getting the biggest electoral bang for their buck in the campaign process is even more fascinating.

These three women pooled their financial and human resources to coordinate many things, from printing their campaign literature to sharing tips on getting the best prices for mass mailings — information that it’s safe to assume most candidates, even if working on the same side, usually try to keep close to the vest.

These three new Minnesota State legislators did what women naturally do in the rest of our lives – they information-shared and networked their way to the top with a common goal in mind.

So as we get further into Campaign ’08, women hoping to get elected to local, state or national office, or those campaiging to change government policies, should take a page from the book of Kathy Saltzman, Julie Bunn and Marsha Swails.

We’re doing it in the blogosphere, so why not on the campaign trail, too?!

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  1. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Well, now I like that approach. Campaigning with its own female twist!

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