Talk to the Hand!

Thu, May 17, 2007


I thought she was going all deep and teenage angst on me already.

Apparently, it’s just some Hannah Montana lyrics!
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5 Responses to “Talk to the Hand!”

  1. jen Says:

    i love it when people use their hands for writing. it’s a thing i have, but i never do it myself.

  2. Lawyer Mama Says:

    My husband does that too. All over the hands!

  3. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Oh & I keep forgetting to email you, but yes, I got the book. Thanks!

  4. Ann D Says:

    Today lyrics, tomorrow…

    Oh, heck. Telling teenager stories is like telling birth stories to a pregnant woman. Forget I said anything.


  5. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    The Princess is a HUGE Hannah fan!

    The tickets to her concert sold out in 15 minutes here!

    I used to write on my hands all the time!

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