Can I Survive Being a "Good Mommy?"

Mon, June 25, 2007


We’re into week two of day camp for PunditGirl.

The good news is that she says, “It’s GREAT!”

The bad news is that it’s over on Friday.

We made the executive decision that less camp would be a good thing for her this summer. She’s a girl who needs some serious downtime (don’t we all?!)

But after enduring a lot of whining and power struggles during the one week off between school and the first week of camp, my new question is, “Will it be good for me?”

I want it to be. I really do.

I know that in the near future my almost-second-grader will want nothing to do with me and I’ll no longer have to worry about how I’m going to keep up on my reading or socializing, because she’ll be dissing me like the teenager I can already see in her little seven-year-old psyche. I’ll have puh-LEN-ty of time very soon. I can feel it.

July and August loom large, though, and I’m already fretting for my sanity and how to keep a grip on my parenting and career at the same time. I’m hoping for some warm, mommy/daughter moments, but don’t want to set myself up for disaster.

Maybe a little
white wine spritzer will help?

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8 Responses to “Can I Survive Being a "Good Mommy?"”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    Can we share the wine? LOL I know I sometimes wish my dd was 6 or 7 these days, now that she is 11 going on 15. At a 2nd grade meeting with the teachers, they passed out a list of developmental traits of 7-year-olds and they still want to be with Mommy all the time.

    Sunday dd was grounded due to her way out-of-line behavior on Saturday night. She definitely doesn’t want to be around me now, but last year I was still playing with her a lot. Now she has some real friends. Oh well.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I’m not a wine spritzer gal myself, but I have been enjoying my fake sangria (1/2 diet coke + 1/2 chianti over ice = fake sangria). I don’t know if it’s helping my children (8 & 5) have a “Good Mommy,” but it is keeping them alive until the weekends when their father comes home.;)

  3. Mom101 Says:

    It’s so funny hearing the parents’ perspective on this after having gone through summers of summer camp myself. I never actually considered that they were cheering my departure! But then, I wouldn’t have blamed them a bit.

  4. Jenny Says:

    White wine spritzer helps *everything*.

  5. PunditMom Says:

    Spritzers and fake sangria all around!

  6. Sornie Says:

    I became sad when you mentioned that it’s almost the end of June.

  7. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Wine always helps. Or martinis.

    How many days until BlogHer?

  8. BabyWhisperingLoudly Says:

    That’s a very beautiful picture of you and your daughter.

    And the only way we are surviving summer is because we have year round preschool. We all need preschool.

    I’m enjoying your blog!

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