I Don’t Like Tests

Fri, June 29, 2007


I did well in school, but I have never liked tests.

Not these. And certainly not these.

Next week was supposed to be our first easy and responsibility-free week of the summer. (Don’t tell any of my editors!)

Just me and PunditGirl and the pool and maybe a little edu-CA-tion-al stuff thrown in for good measure.

Camp was over this afternoon and I had many things planned for next week.

But some things have been niggling at my brain. Little aches and pains. Ones I’ve been trying to ignore and rationalize over months. Ones that sort of sneak up on you but, after a while, all tied together, they won’t stay at the back of my brain and I think, “Yeah, I’ll call the doctor, just to touch base.”

Looking for some nice reassurance. Go about your business. Then have a happy weekend.

And then the doctor says to get a test … next week. ASAP.
“We should just start with the big guns,” she said.
I’m not really a fan of the big guns, unless I’m sure it’s someone who’s an expert.
So, I get to wait all weekend. And Monday. And wait for Tuesday to get here.
And I know me. It will be a long weekend. I’m not looking forward to it.

I was really hoping to focus on what to pack for BlogHer.

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8 Responses to “I Don’t Like Tests”

  1. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Argh! The waiting is the hardest part, isn’t it? And then waiting for the results…. I hope everything’s ok. Hang in there!

  2. mayberry Says:

    No fair… so sorry you have to wait. Good luck on Tuesday.

  3. Mauigirl Says:

    Good luck to you. I just discovered your blog and added to my links as I am really enjoying reading your posts. I hate having tests and worrying about results, etc. I’ll be thinking of you and hope all is well.

  4. Julie Pippert Says:

    That’s rough. Take it easy and hope time passes quickly, with a good outcome.

  5. karrie Says:

    What to pack for BlogHer:

    -comfy ts
    -beat up Converse mosaic slips
    -credit cards

    Hope everything is ok.

  6. Mixter Says:

    Being a subject of numerous tests myself, I can understand your anxiety.

    I’m sending good thoughts your way for the best outcome!


  7. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    I’m with Lawyer Mama…..I HATE the unknown! I hope everything is okay….I’m SURE it will be….so, it’s okay to start obsessing on what to wear to the conference!

    Take lots of of pictures…since I can’t make it! :)

  8. Andrea Says:

    Do I know what that feels like, the waiting! I hope everything goes swimmingly tomorrow and the big guns can be put away quickly.

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