In the Immortal Words of David Essex ….

Tue, June 26, 2007


Rock On! (Yes, I know that really dates me!)

But that’s what popped into my head when I first started seeing all the Rockin’ Blogger awards on my daily rounds.

(And if you, too, remember him, toss me a bone and ‘fess up!)

Turns out, someone things I’m rockin’, too! Thanks Kelly, at Kellyology, for bestowing this rockin’ award on me! I was truly touched by your reaction to what I’m writing over here at PunditMom.

And I love the button. If only one of my talents was Photoshop. I’m hoping a certain someone will share her talents in that area at the BlogHer conference!

For me, there are tons of Rockin’ Bloggers I love to read, so I hesitate to start getting into individual awards. But aren’t we all Rockin’ Bloggers in our own way?

We’re putting so many interesting and challenging conversations out there to make us think, laugh, cry and ponder? Most of the blogs I read are much more interesting than many of the magazine articles I come across.

So, let’s all Rock On!

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4 Responses to “In the Immortal Words of David Essex ….”

  1. Oh, The Joys Says:

    My skillz are your skillz!

  2. Florinda Says:

    Congratulations! You’re definitely a Rockin’ Blogger – and NOT the only one who remembers David Essex and “Rock On.”

  3. Paige Says:

    You go with your bad rock star self.

  4. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    Congratulations! You truly deserve it!

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