I Deny It!

Mon, July 30, 2007

Women in Politics

I was NOT trying to drink more wine in The Blogess’ room at the BlogHer Conference with LawyerMama, Kari’s Couch, Mayberry Mom and Lady M.

I was merely trying to do some oenology research for my other very important blog!

Thank goodness, Mrs. Chicky, wasn’t there — we would have needed MUCH more wine! ;)

(Sorry — I stole the photo from LawyerMama!)

Oops! I almost forgot!

Tell me your “story” from blogger that you deny, and I’ll pick one at random when I get back from vacation (after 8/12) to receive one of the swag copies of I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids, from those great women at sk*rt!

Trust me — what happens at BlogHer, stays at BlogHer (and at PunditMom)!

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8 Responses to “I Deny It!”

  1. Mrs. Chicky Says:

    Hey! Are you insinuating that I drink a lot?? Because you’re right. ;)

    Wish so much that we had more time with each other. I’m missing your face already.

  2. PunditMom Says:

    No, it’s just that I know you take your research VERY seriously! ;)

    I miss you too. I think I need to head north for a visit.

  3. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Steal away, my friend!

    And suuuuuure. Come up with any story you like. We both know what happened!

  4. Mom101 Says:

    I will deny not getting to spend more time with you because it embarrasses me considering how excited I was to meet you. Stupid baby, getting in the way of all my socializing.

  5. Lady M Says:

    Hey, you were pretty good with that corkscrew, even though it wasn’t your preferred kind! It was lovely to meet you.

  6. mayberry Says:

    I deny ogling Kimberly’s butt in her sexy $5 jeans!

    I would deny my karaoke performance, but I accidentally mentioned it on my own blog already.

    I won’t deny that meeting you in person was fantastic!

  7. Karianna Says:

    Ah yes, ’twas a nice night!

  8. PunditMom Says:

    Good thing I had two copies — going to Mom-101 and Mayberry!! ;)

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