Little Ol’ Me?

Sun, July 22, 2007


So I’m counting down the days until I hop on that short flight to Chi-town and meet up with some hot blogging chicks!

In an effort to get right to the meat of some serious conversations (!), the BlogHer goddesses have come up with the idea of pre-introducing ourselves, but nothing too lengthy!

So this is me in ten seconds:

After a pretty substantial detour through the world of law, I’m back to my writing roots and spend my days freelancing and thinking about how I can stir up the world of politics just a little bit with my blogging. Believe it or not, I was a radio and TV journalist MANY years ago.

Aside from politics, I’m passionate about adoption, since my daughter PunditGirl was adopted from China. We can’t wait to visit there in a few years with her.

I don’t get to spend enough time with my girlfriends, but I’m working on fixing that.

I am organizationally challenged and can’t seem to manage the clutter in my house.

I am trying my best to fill up all the pages in my passport.

Even tho’ I’m a city girl now, I haven’t forgotten my childhood growing up on a farm.

My new mantra this year to people who want me to take on a new project or school-related commitment that doesn’t fit into my “master plan” is, “Just say no!”

So there you have it! Anything else? Ask me on Thursday! ;)

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7 Responses to “Little Ol’ Me?”

  1. Oh, The Joys Says:

    See you THURSDAY!!!

  2. radical mama Says:

    That last one is my favorite! Have fun!

  3. Mrs. Chicky Says:

    Can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

  4. Mom101 Says:

    I’m so looking forward to meeting the great Pundit Mom, at long last. Don’t just say no when I ask you to have a drink with me…

  5. Liz Says:

    Looking forward to stalking you from afar — as if I could get up the courage to actually say:

    “Hi…um…you don’t know me…but, I read you…and…um…HEY…did I ever tell you that I HAVE actually met, Mom101…but, um…she doesn’t know me that much, either!?!”

    See what I mean?

  6. karrie Says:

    3-7 all ring true for me as well.

    See you in a few days!

  7. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I’m so excited to meet you!

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