Dog Days

Thu, August 16, 2007

Moms & Politics

NOW I remember why I don’t homeschool!

For those of you who got a chuckle out of my summertime plans for PunditGirl and me, you can start laughing even more now.

Camp is done. Vacation is over.

And school doesn’t start for THREE. MORE. WEEKS.

Babysitters are all on vacation or headed back to school themselves. Mr. PunditMom is out of town. And playdates are scarcer than, as they say on the farm, hen’s teeth.

And mommy has work to do.

I’m hoping that there is a summer vacation too-much-TV exception that the child psychologists allow when calculating how much television watching will turn a little brain into mush. Because unless some friends come back and can help me out with some playdates, things are not going to be pretty here at Chez PunditMom.

Of course, PunditGirl’s solution to her boredom crisis is quite simple:

“Mommy, we could just have another baby, and then I’d have someone to play with while you work.”

No why didn’t I think of that?

Following up on Sonia’s political bisexual theme she posted while I was on Vay-Kay, I discovered this week, that she’s not the only one dealing with political identity issues. Check out that discussion over at PunditMom’s Spin Cycle.

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12 Responses to “Dog Days”

  1. karrie Says:

    Ugh. I just learned that the summer camp my son’s preschool runs ends tomorrow–and NOT next Friday like I thought…and planned for accordingly.

  2. Momish Says:

    Punditgirl has a point, though ;)

    Love the photo of the dogs!

  3. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I’m so not looking forward to school, but only because I’m in denial about Hollis getting older. BUT I don’t have him at home all day!

  4. Kelly Says:

    I guess there’s one benefit to living in Okie land. My kids were off to school today! Woohoo!

    And as far as mush is concerned, a couple of weeks of mush never hurt anybody!lol

  5. super des Says:

    Ah, children are so wise.

  6. BOSSY Says:

    It may be only three week to you, but it’s twenty-one days to Bossy.

  7. Selfmademom Says:

    That’s so funny… btw- nice looking site!! I like it!

  8. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I LOVE the new look! Izzy did a fabulous job!

  9. SUEB0B Says:

    I luuuuurve the photo of the dogs in the pool

  10. Anali Says:

    This summer sure did fly by! Welcome back and I love the new look!

  11. Taste Like Crazy Says:

    This has nothing to do with your post; I hope you’ll forgive me.

    But, your site looks great!

  12. AmandaD Says:

    Sweet political eye-candy, I love your new look. And, my goodness, are those hounds yours or do you run a canine B&B on the side?

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