Never the Twain Shall Meet?

Sun, August 26, 2007


As I’ve been mulling over my thoughts on the field of Democratic presidential candidates, I’ve been wondering what those who usually vote Republican really think of their field of 2008 contenders.

I certainly have my opinions, which should be no surprise to anyone — I’m not really fond of any of them. Unless you could come up with someone like a Howard Baker, there’s little hope that I would vote for a Republican presidential candidate for the rest of my lifetime.

I had a chance recently to talk with one of my long-time friends as we kept an eye on our daughters who were diving and splashing in the neighborhood swimming pool. Politics is one thing I generally don’t discuss with this friend — we love each other dearly, but know that we often part ways when it comes to political parties.

Turns out, we’re closer this election cycle to meeting in the middle than in prior elections. She was curious how I felt about Hillary Clinton and who I was favoring at the moment out of the Democratic candidates. I surprised her with my thoughts that, at least at the moment, I was leaning toward John Edwards. We both lamented that we’ve waited for a viable woman candidate for president for a long time, but neither of us are sure Hillary can pull it off.

Then, she surprised me with her thoughts on the GOP hopefuls — we both agreed that John McCain is “so done,” and she expressed her vehement opposition to Rudy Giuliani. If the choice for her comes down to a Democrat vs. Giuliani, she’s going with the Democrat.

And even more interesting is this — her husband, who at the moment favors Barack Obama, would change course in a heartbeat and lend support to Al Gore if he would just get in the race.

You think you know people. After a friendship of almost 20 years, I would never have guessed that such opinions would come from her and her family. So that makes me wonder what other surprises are out there? Polls are tracking voter support, but are they giving us the real picture about what people are thinking?

All I know is this — it is NO ONE’S race yet and won’t be for a while. I thought for many, there would never be a meeting of the political minds. But given the current state of 2008, this could be one for the history books in terms of cross-over voters.

What about you? Are you looking at the candidates in a way you never have before and surprising yourself about who you like and don’t like in the current field of wanna-be presidents?

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7 Responses to “Never the Twain Shall Meet?”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    I’m wanting to get more involved this time, and am hoping for a candidate I can really get behind. I really liked Edwards last time around, and would support him again. I like Obama as well, and he is probably head of my list right now. I was surprised when my Republican SIL said she would vote for Obama. Most people I talk to, from either side, are not at all for Hillary – and the Republicans seem pretty vehement against her. I frankly don’t feel like I know her well enought to voice an opinion, other than I think there is too much animosity for her to make a go of it.

  2. jen Says:

    YES! we were just talking about this last night about how important this is, about how i am not sold on any one of these cats, of the pros and cons to each.

    as never before. because we need the right person as never before.

  3. SUEB0B Says:

    Two of the people I have crossed off the list are for emotional reasons and nothing else – Clinton because I don’t want to keep down this flip-floppy dynastic road – Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton?

    And I am surprisingly emotional about the Edwards campaign. It makes me sick to think that he would be on the campaign trail while his wife is dying. It seems so wrong to the core of my being that I can’t get past it.

    I think Obama is the smartest guy in the race. You don’t get to be EIC of Harvard Law Review by being a C student. I just don’t know if super smart is what the rest of America likes.

  4. Julie Pippert Says:

    I remain noncommittal in my favor, but am quite vehement in my opposition.

    Maybe I am having a hard time because this feels so huge. I want the perfect candidate. Not asking for much, eh. LOL

    Hopefully they will buckle down soon and it will become much clearer for me.

    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  5. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I’m waiting for Pundit Mom to throw her hat in the ring!

  6. Gunfighter Says:

    Simple for me, really, PM.

    All the Republicans who supported the invasion of Iraq are out.

    Likewise any Democrat who supported it.

    Anyone who thought this was a good idea is too reckless and bloody stupid to lead this nation.

    This leaves Mike Gravel, about whom I know nothing. It leaves Bill richardson, who is experienced and would make a fine President. It leaves Barack Obama, who I admire immensely, and whom I also think would make a fine President… and it leaves Dennis Kucinich, whom I wish had a real chanceat the nomination.

    At the end of the day, my choices boil down simply to Richardson and Obama. Both of these men are smart, tough, and able. We could do lots and lots worse than either of them.

    Note: I realize that I left out Republican Ron Paul, who wants us out of Iraq… but Ron Paul is a bit of a fruitcake.


  7. PunditMom Says:

    It’s so interesting to see everyone’s comments and realize that there really isn’t a concensus out there yet and the varied feelings about all the candidates.

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