Iraq War Solution by PunditGirl

Wed, September 19, 2007


It probably goes without saying that trying to explain the why’s and wherefore’s of the Iraq War to a second-grader is like trying to rationalize why the nation is obsessed with Britney Spears – no matter how simply or clearly the words come out of your mouth, you just can’t find a way to have it make sense.

But that’s what I found myself doing on the drive to school recently — about the war, not Britney!

I usually don’t turn on the local news radio station when PunditGirl is in the car, but I slipped and was listening to stories about the then-unreleased Petraeus Report.

“Where is there a war, Mama?” asked PunditGirl? “Why are they fighting?”

I smiled ruefully to myself and thought, now THAT’S the $64,000 question.

I tried as best as I could, in language that was not too colored by my own opinions, to explain to her that some people, including the President, thought it was a way to help the people in Iraq with their problems. I made sure to include that many people, like me, thought it was a bad idea and that the people in Iraq might do better if they tried to figure things out for themselves, especially when it meant that so many of our soldiers had to fight and die there.

Silence ensued in the back seat.

Then, as only a seven-year-old could, PunditGirl very logically proclaimed:

“Why don’t they just sit down and talk about their problems and have some cake?”

‘Cause you know if chatting over a little cake can solve the problems of second-graders, why shouldn’t it work for grown-ups?

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13 Responses to “Iraq War Solution by PunditGirl”

  1. Sunshine Says:

    Using PunditGirl’s plan, methinks George W would be morbidly obese from all that cake.

    But it is a most excellent plan!

  2. Sarah Says:

    My first time visiting your blog — just wanted to say hi, and I love PunditGirl’s plan!!! I would also bring some coffee, but cake is the best idea.

  3. BOSSY Says:

    True. Cake solves everything.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Children are just brilliant aren’t they?

  5. Erin - ExpectingExecutive Says:

    Children have an uncanny ability to add intuitive perspective that can put a smile on your face. What a delightful conversation to share…thank you!


  6. painted maypole Says:

    cake indeed. And it’s more like the $453,000,000,000 question.

  7. Lady M Says:

    That’s an excellent idea. Imagine that – talking things through! (Plus cakie, cakie, cake, as Q says.)

  8. Michele Says:

    Never underestimate the healing power of good cake.

  9. Gunfighter Says:

    When soccergirl asked me the same quesdtion, I told her it is because the Presidnet of The United States was a liar and a criminal.

    Her reply: “Lying’s not good, daddy”

  10. Amy S. Says:

    Eureka! Cake!!! I bet Condi is smacking her head right now thinking, “#$*&!!! Why didn’t I think of that?”

  11. Jordan Says:

    Wow. I just had this same conversation for the 1st time with my second grade son on Sunday, in the car on the way to soccer. He read the word “Baghdad” in a book and asked me if it was a real place – hmm, funny you asked, son…it was a good conversation but I agree, not easy to figure out how to make sense of it on their level (or any level, for that matter). But I realized in our case that I wasn’t stating it strongly enough when he declared that now he likes Bush “a little tiny bit” because he did something “sort of good” when he got Saddam out of there!! Oh, dear. My words got a lot stronger after that and by the time we got to the soccer field he was fretting over how awful it would be if the next president didn’t end the war. Sheesh, this parenting stuff is hard work sometimes.

    I’m with PunditGirl. Cake is where it’s at.

  12. David Says:

    hmmmmm…. cake.

  13. SabrinaT Says:

    If only it were that easy!!

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