Who’s Really Looking Out for Working Mothers?

Tue, September 25, 2007


Working Mother magazine has just released this year’s 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.

I’ve always had questions about how this list is put together and was planning on writing about it, but I think Devra at Parentopia sums it up quite nicely, so I’m just going to do this:

“What she said!”

Thanks, Devra!

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3 Responses to “Who’s Really Looking Out for Working Mothers?”

  1. Becky Says:

    Who’s really looking out for working mothers? My guess is NOT Working Mother magazine. But, then, well … I’ve been looking into it a lot.

  2. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Yeah, um. I felt the same way when the SAME magazine had an article titled “Rasing the Bar: Cheers to the 50 Best Law Firms for Women” 2 months ago. Wanna guess who’s on it? I’m sure you can. Just find the 50 largest law firms & substitute the title. What. a. joke.

  3. mayberry Says:

    I pretty much agree with everything Devra had to say, too; but as a former editor at WM (many, many years ago) I do have to say that a TON of work goes into that list. At least during my tenure, the ad sales staff had no influence on the makeup of the list. But after the fact? You better believe they were hustled for ads!

    The thing is, to make the list even better (e.g., get more info directly from employees, instead of HR/PR) would require a huge amount of reportorial resources. And how would you pay for that? Ads.

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