But I Didn’t Get a Card From Hillary!

Tue, October 30, 2007


Hillary2_3I love birthdays, except when I start creeping my way toward the significant ones. Or at least the ones that people say should be significant.

I try my best to remember the birthdays of my friends and family, and usually I do a pretty good job — thank goodness for day-timers!

But I was a little surprised when I got an “invitation” to send my birthday wishes to Hillary Clinton — or should I say WI$HE$?

This oh-so personal message popped up in my E-mail in-box urging me to commemorate the 60th birthday of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton!

Dear Joanne,

In 36 years, Hillary and I have shared a lot of birthdays, and each year I’m amazed at everything she has accomplished. This is a very special year: we’re celebrating Hillary’s 60th, and I hope you’ll join me in sending her a birthday message, sharing your wishes for her and your hopes for the coming year.

I’ll make sure to share your message with Hillary. And please encourage your friends and family to send their messages as well.

You can see my birthday message to Hillary and add your own here: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/birthdaymessage

I know how happy Hillary will be to hear from you on her birthday. Thank you for helping me to make her day special.


Bill Clinton

Who knew that birthdays were just another way of saying, “I love when you make a political contribution!”

And even though Bill says Hillary would like to hear from me, it’s obviously my wallet she’s more interested in. Maybe somehow Bill found out that Hillary and I are both October birthday girls, or that my stepdaughter’s birthday is the same as hers and that I would have a soft spot for that.

Hey, any port in an election cycle, right?

Well, Happy Belated Birthday, Hillary. Here’s hoping that this greeting will suffice rather than the more “official” one you requested!

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6 Responses to “But I Didn’t Get a Card From Hillary!”

  1. Julie Pippert Says:

    Hey Happy Birthday to you! Are you late enough to hit Scorpio?

    Okay I said my piece now send me money. ;)

    Using My Words

  2. BOSSY Says:

    Dear Bill – Bossy will join you in anything.

    Huh, what? Were you saying something?

  3. Mimi Lenox Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    And I’m seriously miffed that I didn’t get an invitation to sing the birthday song to Hillary.
    Doesn’t she know about the peace globes??!

  4. Mamma Says:

    Heh, I just thought Bill new how important it would be to her to hear from me.

    I’m with Bossy though, I’ll tell Bill Happy Birthday any time.

  5. karrie Says:

    Happy Birthday Hillary!

    ps: It is really too bad that you think invading Iran is a reasonable option, because now I can no longer vote for you. Nothing personal, though.

  6. Mom101 Says:

    Ha, I thought the very same thing. And also I’m still torn on whether the “sweepstakes” to make a donation and get dinner with her is brilliant marketing or absolute cheese.

    Happy birthday to you!

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