Can Art Do What Ginger Ale Can’t?

Fri, October 19, 2007


When someone asks for a tiny little favor to help them feel better from a horrible, pukey existence (and I mean that literally and not figuratively), how can you say no?

Her Bad Mother says she wants to see art from blogger offspring to help ease the queasiness of her pregnancy AND the flu (talk about a one-two punch!).

So, in an effort to do my little part to help Her Bad Mother, I present for everyone’s pleasure:

A Portrait of Mommy and Her Lips
by PunditGirl

My brows could use a wax, too.
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6 Responses to “Can Art Do What Ginger Ale Can’t?”

  1. jen Says:

    you are a good friend, J. To Bad and to us all.

    And feel better, Bad.

  2. Damselfly Says:

    Oh. I thought those were your long lashes. ;) Cute!

  3. slouching mom Says:

    That is AWESOME. Love the brows!

  4. PT-LawMom Says:

    Great job, PunditGirl!

  5. painted maypole Says:


  6. Her Bad Mother Says:

    Do you know that I downloaded and installed Firefox JUST so that I could see this picture, which I’ve been unable to see for days?

    It was worth it. :)

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