The Things We Thought We Knew — Perfect Post

Wed, October 31, 2007


Birthdays get me thinking.

OK, after all my posts this month, you’ve probably figured that out by now.

I’m not the only one, though.

In some ways, birthdays really are just another day on the calendar, but they also remind us all too concretely of where we are on our journey, at least in chronological terms.

Not just the journey through time and through life, but also a journey of reflection — the one where we take the time to look back and analyze what we were at different stages, either with joy or sadness or melancholy or relief. The things that pop into our heads during the quiet, unexpected moments sometimes come more clearly when we’re contemplating saying goodbye to one age and hello to the next.

As a writer, Lawyer Mama captures moments like that exquisitely. Which is why for her post called Happily Ever After, I’m giving her this:
The Original Perfect Post Awards - Oct

Many of her posts are perfect, but as one birthday girl to another, she made me take my mental journey a step further as I reflected on the decades gone and the ones I have ahead. Her words prompted me to reflect on the things I thought I knew about my past that were, perhaps, mere chimera.

Thanks, Lawyer Mama, for this great post and for all your posts. You always keep me thinking.

And, of course, Happy Birthday!

As always, special thanks to our hostesses Kimberly at Petroville and Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil. You can find all the other great Perfect Post recipients there!

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6 Responses to “The Things We Thought We Knew — Perfect Post”

  1. Scribbit Says:

    So nice of you to remember good posts and award them, I’ll have to check her out.

  2. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Damn it, Joanne. You’ve made me cry.

    Thank you.

    Not just for this, but for all your support.

  3. Mamma Says:

    A fine post indeed. Terrific choice.

  4. Julie Pippert Says:

    What a fantastic choice. :)

    Using My Words

  5. Mauigirl Says:

    Great post, Punditmom, and thanks for linking to Lawyer Mama’s Perfect Post. It is really interesting how those first loves stick in our minds, isn’t it? No matter how much better our lives are now than then.

  6. Jen M. Says:

    I loved that post – great pick!

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