Rising to the Occasion

Sun, November 4, 2007

Making Our Political Voices Heard

The Democratic candidates were all pretty animated last week, especially with talk about Iraq and Iran.

The candidates were all much less scripted in their responses — I’m not sure if that was because of the format or because something has happened to shift the dynamic of how they’re going to interact with each other now that the primaries start just days into the New Year.

During the debates in Philadelphia John Edwards was really “on,” especially when it came to the question of the negative impact that lobbyists for certain industries have had on the country’s inability to adopt universal health care and better environmental protection.

But he had one amazing moment and question that we should all be ready to ask ourselves:

“Are you willing to look your children in the eye …and say, ‘I’m going to turn this mess over to you?’ “

And, if not, what are we prepared to do to change the country that our children will inherit from us?

For me, deciding which candidate to support at this stage of the game was directly tied to who I think can do a better job of shaping this country and its policies so that it will not be such an incredible mess when PunditGirl is no longer a girl.

Yes, I want things to be different because of how I feel about certain issues. But I also want to know that I’ve done as much as possible with what little political power one mom and her one vote can have to change the shape our country is in.

When I listened to John Edwards make that statement, I knew I had made the right choice.

It seems Edwards may finally be getting some traction from the main stream media, as well. On some of the Sunday morning talk shows, some of the reporters covering the campaign remarked that the last debate has given Edwards a chance to really be in the race.

Call me crazy, but I thought he’s been in the race all along. Maybe those reporters need to do something about their coverage tunnel vision.

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5 Responses to “Rising to the Occasion”

  1. Blog Antagonist Says:

    I am not the most politically savvy person on the face of the planet. I normally consider myself apolitical. But the healthcare crisis is an issue that I feel very strongly about, and I’m hearing a lot of things about Edwards that I look. I’m going to have to give him a closer look.

  2. SabrinaT Says:

    Did you see his interview with George ( I am not going to try and spell his last name). I think he did great! Are we all supposed to forget that George was on the Clinton payroll at one time? I got the impression George was trying to force Edwards to support Hillary, or to suggest Hillary had the idea first. What George and others don’t get is Edwards in not just a Democrat, he is a man on a mission to change D.C. He did not get cought up in the political side talk. He called it like it is. GO EDWARDS!!!

    He stayed on point. He is the seed of change we need desperately in the US.

  3. SabrinaT Says:


  4. Mom101 Says:

    Wow that endorsement of yours goes a long way with me, especially considering that I’m oddly, still undecided.

  5. Lawyer Mama Says:

    He was great. I was so darn proud of him. This is the first time I’ve really felt emotionally vested in a candidate. I just love that he talks about the hard stuff instead of sidestepping like so many others.

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