Who Is the Desperate One?

Thu, November 15, 2007

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I suppose it’s no big surprise that as we count down the days to the Iowa Caucus, all forms of campaigning are heating up — including underhanded suggestions and insinuations.

According to The Politico, somebody’s pollster is asking potential Iowa caucus-goers whether John Edwards’ failure to drop out of the Presidential race to take care of his “ailing wife” could damage his campaign.

Rumors abound. Is it another Democrat? A Republican? The Edwards campaign itself?

Tossing out negative messages during a campaign to see how they will fly is nothing new. And we all know that as we approach the primaries, not even the fact that we are upon the holiday season that wants us to focus on peace and goodwill toward man will bring a political ceasefire. The stakes are too high.

Of course, every campaign is denying that the would do something so “abhorrent” and “repugnant.”

Several commenters over at The Politico feel it’s fair game to take Elizabeth Edward’s health into account when deciding whether to vote for her husband.

Not surprisingly, Elizabeth caught wind of the discussion at The Politico and weighed in with her own comment:

“For what it is worth, and you can be the judge of that, I get asked on the campaign trail whether John will be able to continue a campaign all the way to November. ‘Of course,’ I answer, to which the response is invariably that the questioner was told by supporters of another candidate that John would have to drop out. If I had heard it just once, it would not concern me, but it wasn’t once and it wasn’t in just one state. So I am suspicious that this is a concerted (and false) personal attack of the worst sort. First, I am doing well and there is no prognosis that would suggest any need for John or for me to stop campaigning because of my condition. Second, the notion suggested by the comments above that there is no negative campaigning going on by other campaigns on this issue is nonsense. On the rumor-spreading, I have some idea from where the false rumors have started. I am assuming that the push poll described above came from the same camp. What strikes me as incongruous is the notion that John’s bold ideas are described by the MSM as desperate (we do desperately need change, so maybe that’s what they
mean?) and these reprehensible tactics are not described the same way.”

Aren’t the ones trying to raise doubts about Elizabeth Edwards’ health and her family’s ability to deal with potential issues down the road, really the desperate ones?

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5 Responses to “Who Is the Desperate One?”

  1. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Push polling is nasty and insidious. I really hope they manage to track it back to the organization doing it.

  2. Sornie Says:

    I am disgusted by how early the election cycle started and it’s just under a year before the actual election, can’t they wait on mudslinging for a few months?

  3. Paige Says:

    I think it’s just despicable that they’re carrying on like this already, what with the election a year away.

  4. jen Says:

    it really is disgusting how low some of these campaigners stike to try and divert us from the real issues at hand.

  5. WhyMommy Says:

    Nice take on this, Pundit Mom. I’m glad that the push polling practices are being dragged out to the light of day. They disgust me.

    How brave of Elizabeth Edwards to respond like that, though: “There is no prognosis that….” Brave woman. I’m impressed.

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