And So This Is Christmas

Fri, December 21, 2007

Presidential Campaigns

So here we are, just days away from Christmas. And there are so many non-Christmas things to write about …

Hillary’s looks on the campaign trail.

Why some people think Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat.

How a presidential contender can claim, with a straight face, that women must submit to their husband’s direction (PLEASE don’t tell Mr. PunditMom!!)

Yet, I find myself unable to write about any of these things as I sit here amid the wrapping paper, tape, boxes and tissue paper. Plus, I have miles to go before I sleep.

So instead of pundit-izing, I am just going to wish all of you and yours a wonderful rest of the holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Even a PunditMom needs a little downtime. So I’m going to enjoy the holiday, re-charge the old political batteries and hopefully come back in time for the full court press in Iowa.

I know — I’ll have to get back up to speed pretty quickly for the Iowa primaries (not to mention that KU is going to the Orange Bowl – Rock Chalk!)

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5 Responses to “And So This Is Christmas”

  1. Paige Says:

    Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, eh? I had always wondered what that cheer was.

    What does it mean? Or do cheers really ever have to mean anything?

    Rest up, Pundit friend. You have your work cut out for you in 2008.

    Geaux Tigers,

  2. Professor J Says:

    I’m sorry, but somebody needs to whop Matt Drudge up side the head.

  3. Julie Pippert Says:

    Enjoy your downtime. And I look forward to all you have to say, pundit-style, in the new year. :)

    P.S. JLH is SO NOT fat. I STG I’m going on Not Fat rant in January.

    Using My Words

  4. Jen K Says:

    Did you happen to hear or see the presidential Christmas ads? So very odd (and in some cases just plain creepy) for all parties.

  5. Gunfighter Says:

    If JLH is fat, then fat must be the new “effin HOT!”

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