I’ll Have What Ron Paul’s Having

Fri, December 7, 2007


Over $4 million in one day.

What do you say about a presidential candidate who can raise that kind of cash in 24 hours?

That’s exactly what GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul did on Guy Fawkes day, a British holiday that celebrates the attempted overthrow of the British government in 1605.

Paul, the libertarian leaning maverick congressman from Texas, who is way back in the polls, was able to pull in $4.3 million in contributions in 24 hours last month. I’m betting that all the other candidates are trying to figure out how he pulled that off and how they can re-create those results before the Iowa Caucuses.

How’d he do that? I’d love to know the answer because then we could all pass that info along to the candidates we’re supporting. I’m guessing it has something to do with his refreshing outlook. It seems to me that so many of the candidates take views that skew to one extreme or the other. The few times I’ve heard Ron Paul on the news or in a debate, I had to turn to Mr. PunditMom and say, “Wow. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with a Republican on that issue.”

And I think that is what’s so appealing about Ron Paul to those who would dig into their pockets just weeks before the holiday gift-giving season and make a political contribution to a candidate who has virtually no chance of winning the GOP nomination, let alone the White House. People are tired of the same old political drill and are motivated when they hear someone who just tells it like they see it.

More and more voters are relating to Paul’s libertarian views. And that’s bringing supporters out, even though his fund-raising doesn’t come close to the front-runners. People are tired of the same old stump speeches and stale promises and want to hear more from those at the back of the pack, whose views may differ on how to achieve to change in our country, but are valid ideas just the same.

Apparently, Ron Paul’s message is getting through to the tune of million$.

Now if he could teach me how to do that for the charities I support, I’d be eternally grateful.


Two other things today — it’s so busy here at PunditMom!

I’ve got a great tip on a holiday gift idea over at PunditMom Reviews that someone in your family is going to love — especially the photographer in the clan. Think easy family photos for the winter season! Thanks to Parent Bloggers Network for the chance to check out this product!

And, today is ROFL Award day! Sometimes less is more when it comes to humor. And Self-Made Mom made me fall on the floor, then roll on the floor with laughter with her post entitled Lookalike of the Week. She more than deserves this little piece of bloggy bling:

Nov07 ROFL award

PLEASE go read her post! It will take less than a minute and it will make you laugh all day!

Plus, don’t forget to check out the other hilarious ROFL recipients over at Chicky Chicky Baby and Metro Mama.

Who can’t use a few extra chuckles on a Friday?

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10 Responses to “I’ll Have What Ron Paul’s Having”

  1. steppo Says:

    If Ron Paul wins, then the billions and billions wasted not only in Bush’s war but also wasted upon the thousands of useless and parasitic tax-fed bureaucrats can then be returned to the American middle-class, who are now simply being robbed. There will be many people, such as myself, who will then be able to really support charitable groups — such as you support.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Paul and his campaign had nothing to do with the Nov 5th fund-raiser, it was a spontaneous grass roots effort.

    Also, rent the movie “V for Vendetta”, it’s a pretty good movie and was the inspiration for the fund-raiser.

  3. selfmademom Says:

    Thank you! What a fun award to win…

  4. Mrs. Chicky Says:

    Even my lifelong Democrat of a husband is admitting he’s got more Libertarian leanings these days. I can see how Paul seems like a refreshing change.

    And thanks for participating in the ROFLs!

  5. Paige Says:

    Ron Paul seems to have the same initial mojo that Howard Dean had during the last election.

    It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

  6. slouching mom Says:

    refreshing. that’s the secret to ron paul, i think.

    the front-running democratic candidates were asked who their hero was — to a person, they answered, “Nelson Mandela.”

    the front-running republican candidates were asked the same question. to a person, they answered, “Ronald Reagan.”

    Blech. Does anyone have a REAL opinion?

  7. jen Says:

    now see, this is exactly why i missed you.

  8. mothergoosemouse Says:

    I wrote about RP at The Parental is Political. There’s a lot about him that I like, but I’m still put off by some of his more conservative views.

    Still searching for my happy medium, but pleased to see that so many others feel the same!

  9. Mauigirl Says:

    Interesting about V for Vendetta – recently just saw it – I get the Guy Fawkes connection!

    The ROFL post was very funny, thanks for sending us there!

  10. Gunfighter Says:

    Ron Paul is full of shit.

    You can’t be part of the problem for years, and years, and years (as Paul has) and then decide that everything we are doing is wrong or bad, and decide to be a “maverick”

    You’ll note that Paul is running as a Republican… not a Libertarian.

    Ron Paul is a populist crackpot… but we have seen them before, haven’t we?

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