Why is Immigration So Important to the GOP?

Sat, December 8, 2007


As I was watching the GOP candidates on the CNN/YouTube debate, it seemed to me that they are trying to turn the immigration issue into one we should start worrying about in terms of our national security.

The GOP presidential candidates seem to have themselves all worked up into a tizzy about illegal immigrants.

During the recent debate, I noticed that some of these guys, especially Mitt Romney (whose first name, by the way, is really Willard!) were almost frothing at the mouth to whip the general public into a frenzy about illegal immigrants. Not the ones who were interested in learning how to fly planes but not land them, but the ones who pick our lettuce and till our fields and clean our houses.

I understand that there is a process and that if people want to come here from other countries, it sure would be better to have them jump through the hoops that lead to legal residence and citizenship than sneaking across the border at night or hiding in a shipping container and hopping off at the dock.

Here’s my two cents for all the candidates, as well as the current administration — when you stop trying to deport people like the Servano family of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania (not too far from where I grew up), and spend more time paying attention to real threats on the border watch list, then I’ll know you’re really serious about my safety.

When Pedro Servano and his wife applied to come to America over 20 years ago from the Philippines, they were still teens and weren’t yet married. By the time they got approval, separately, to come here, they had married. But the visa paperwork had been submitted by their parents years before while they were still unmarried teens.

They forgot to tell the I.N.S. that their marital status had changed. So now, as a result of that glitch in paperwork, the Department of Homeland Security wants to kick them out of the country and send them packing back to the Philippines.

The Servanos have been here for over 20 years. Dr. Pedro Servano is here practicing medicine, his wife owns a small business and they have four children who are U.S. citizens, two of whom are college graduates.

Homeland Security wants to kick them out of the country because they forgot to tell someone they got married.

I’m really struggling to get my head around why so many in the GOP want to focus on migrant workers and people who made a mistake on their paperwork but are here as highly successful professionals? Why do they constantly remind us there are sleeper cells of terrorists who have made it into our country, but they’re dedicated to keeping musicians from around the world out.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly sleep more soundly knowing that a Welsh harpist was stopped at the border!

If anyone has a good answer, will you let me know?

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9 Responses to “Why is Immigration So Important to the GOP?”

  1. LonewackoDotCom Says:

    I wrote this introduction to the subject a while back. Perhaps that will help remove some of the confusion as to why the GOP front-runners at least pretend to oppose massive illegal activity.

  2. Professor J Says:

    His reall name is Willard? I love that!

    Here’s what I think. The republican focus on immigration is the new southern strategy. It is playing to rascist fears, pure and simple.

    I don’t see anyone worried about Canadians crossing the border.

  3. Mrs. Chicky Says:

    Oh, you know those GOPs. They have to be “hard on crime”.


    Yes, such a “crime” the poor doctor and his wife didn’t inform anyone they were married. The only criminal act I see is forcing those people to leave their lives in their adopted country because of a paperwork snafu.

  4. Andrea Says:

    Well you know, those Welsh harpists are scary people! They lull you into a hypnotic trance with their beautiful music and then, BAM!, get you when you’re down.

  5. Julie Pippert Says:

    It’s a tactic, whether a good one is debatable (depends on POV) but certainly successful (to some degree).

    They expect it is an easy, unifying issue (because surely everyone is opposed to these illegal immigrants burdening and threatening our country —/sarcasm) that they can take a hard, representational stance on and gather voter momentum.

    The bonus is it distracts our attention away from REAL issues that ACTUALLY affect us every, single day.

    Like health care. And education.

    Using My Words

  6. Mauigirl Says:

    I think if we spread around that Mitt Romney’s real name is Willard, that may derail his candidacy. I always wondered what the heck “Mitt” meant. So how come he’s called Mitt?

    Regarding the central question of your post, I totally agree. I think the real reason the GOP loves to rail against immigrants is an appeal to good old xenophobia among the good ol’ boys. It has nothing to do with security whatsoever and everything to do with the red state mentality. I guess they figure illegal Mexicans (and other groups)can’t vote for them anyway but they need the good ol’ boy white vote. I hope it backfires on them because there are a lot of very legal citizens here who sympathize with the illegals or are of the same heritage, and I hope they all vote Democratic in 2008.

  7. Maddy Says:

    I’m interested to read other people’s opinions on this one. We came here on an H1 visa 12 years ago. Although we’re citizens now I still prefer to keep mum on the matter as I don’t think my biased opinion is worthy.

    This is my calling card or link“Whittereronautism”until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  8. Gunfighter Says:

    Their focus on immigration is twofold… and both have already been mentioned.

    1. Scare red-state (and blue state) white people about daker people.

    2. Distract people from the monumental, across the board failure of Republican leadership over the past 8 years.

  9. Lawyer Mama Says:

    Our firm has an immigration practice and let me tell you, it is just f’ed up.

    And I just love the xenophobia as a campaign tool. Nothing like hate and fear mongering to bring out the Republicans to the polls….

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