It’s a Race for President of the United States, NOT Student Council

Tue, January 29, 2008


Hurt feelings?

Getting snubbed?

I remember those types of episodes from when I ran for Student Council Treasurer as a high school senior.

I wanted to run for President of my very small, rural high school, but everyone agreed that in 1976, no girl could beat the cute captain of the wrestling team for that top student council spot.

I felt bad about it. My feelings were hurt. I did feel snubbed. But I was only 17 at the time.

The Clintons are in their 60s. And Obama? OK, he’s a little younger, but the 40s are only the new 20s, not the new teens, so he should know better, too.

And Ted Kennedy? He was definitely up to more than just endorsing a candidate. There was clearly some cross-town, high school-type rivalry going on there, too.

I chuckled when John Edwards quipped at the most recent Democratic debate that he was representing the grown-up wing of his party. Now it looks as though he was right.

These petty distractions are like an extra gift under the Christmas tree for the GOP. Nothing could make them happier than to have the Dems chip away at each other until the electorate is tired of the sniping and decides to vote for someone on the verge of retirement.

This is where the ‘mom’ part of PunditMom needs to come in — I’m quite familiar with disciplining a sometimes petulant child. So, Hillary and Barack, you each need to go to your rooms right now, and you can’t come out until you can disagree in a respectful manner.

No more back-handed compliments about being “likable enough.” No more subtle (or not-so-subtle) references to other African-American candidates who won a state, but didn’t get the nomination.

I know you both want that swivel chair in the Oval Office, but if things keep up this way, you’re just making it easier for the GOP to keep their things in the White House for another four years.

And if that happens, I’m going to have to ground you and take away dessert.

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7 Responses to “It’s a Race for President of the United States, NOT Student Council”

  1. Amy S. Says:

    Actually, I think its the media that needs to be grounded for making up stories…

  2. Sunshine Says:

    I find the analysis of Obama’s motives during the Kennedy-Clinton handshake laughable. Why can’t he just be facing the other direction?? It’s so over-the-top the way every single syllable and facial expression is nitpicked. Meanwhile, John Edwards can calmly sit back with the “what me worry?” Mad magazine quip running thru his head. He must be enjoying his front row seat to all the madness…until the laser beam is pointed at him for wearing his tie crooked, which must mean he hates the elderly or wants to ban books.

    **please note, heavy-handed sarcasm used judiciously in this comment**

    Pretty soon, Clinton’s sour grapes and Obama’s supposed snubs will bore the analysts and they’ll say, “hey, look at John Edwards…he’s smiling! WHY is he smiling? It must MEAN something”


  3. diane Says:

    frankly, i am sick of the media,especially cnn..which i call
    the “drama network”…they are a brainwashing, tabloid type network that distords and manipulates the news because the news should not be
    on ALL DAY LONG…!..remember the 6′clock news..? it’s on every hour all day..and america can’t get away from it,.i am tired of this presidential race coverage and we still have 10 months to go
    ..we can have a big impact on this
    coverage if every american shuts off their t.v. until november..

  4. Outlaw Says:

    I think the whole thing is to funny. Obama could hang the Clintons out to dry but he doesn’t and Edwards is happy not to be the center piece with all the trash right now. This is like watching the 3 Stooges not quite but almost.

  5. Alyson & Ford Says:

    After tonight it’s plainly a two person race for each party.

    Clinton VS Obama
    McCain VS Romney

    Everyone else can turn out the lights and go home. It’s over for them.

    Edwards is showing up on the radar screen for AG and talk still has Biden for Sec State.

    Interesting, very interesting going into Super Tuesday. This should be fun to watch!


  6. selfmademom Says:

    That photo is bound to be a classic if Hillary wins. I mean, seriously. You nailed that one!

  7. Deborah Siegel Says:

    And speaking of the whole race for class president thing PunditMom you might enjoy this piece by a friend of mine in the Chicago Trib earlier this month called, yep, “Class President 2008″!,0,6373356,full.story

    It’s pretty funny.

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