Single Moms Can Rock the Vote!

Thu, January 31, 2008


Women’s Voices, Women Vote has launched its new get out the vote campaign. In 2006, the theme was “Do You Remember Your First Time?”

For 2008, WVWV is targeting single women again — 20 million of them in the “20 Million Reasons” campaign. Many pollsters and pundits have said that women voters will be the key to this historical election. But single women historically haven’t voted in the same numbers as married women.

Of those 20 million women being targeted, slightly over half are single mothers.

Over 10 million single mothers could have an impact on this election. Recently, one commenter here said she felt like there was no impact that her one, measly little vote could have so why even bother.

I understand that sentiment, but when we start putting all those ‘ones’ together, soon it’s hundred and thousands. And as we all saw in 2000, you never know what a few votes here or there will do to the outcome of a race.

Single women had a significant impact in the recent races in Iowa and New Hampshire, at least for the Democrats, so what’s to stop all the single moms — and the rest of us moms, as well — from effecting the change in this race and the process that we want to see?

Soccer moms, security moms, and, now, single moms. They do like to pigeonhole us, don’t they? But no matter what they call us, our votes could have not only an impact on the election, but they could be the deciding factor.

We could throw them all for a loop and all of us — married and single — could turn out like never before and then all the polling would go right out the window!

I know it can be a pain to try to find the time between work, errands, school pick-up and cranky children, to get to the polls, stand in line and make the check mark on the ballot. But how amazing it would be to know that as a group, mothers had the collective power to change our country.

Good times, good times.

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