The Year of Turning 50 — Part 1

Thu, January 3, 2008


While I’m trying to ignore all the CNN & MSNBC pre-coverage of the Iowa caucuses today, I thought I’d talk about something else I’m trying to ignore — my age.

I’ve tried really hard to only hint at my advancing years as I blog.

It wouldn’t take too much work to figure out how many I have under my belt if you poke around a little bit for hints and clues, but in October I turned 49.

There — I’ve said it.

Too close to 50 for my taste.

Many have told me I don’t look my age. One friend’s husband recently said I look “freakishly young” in light of my birth date — I think that was a compliment. (And I promise, I don’t have a picture in my attic!)

As I am preparing to rip up the inevitable AARP card that will arrive later this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that this must be the time to get off my arse and get moving on some projects that have been percolating in my head — a book (or two), syndication, time off to do some things I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time.

In other words, it’s well past time to just let life happen. Time to make more room in my world for things other than being PunditGirl’s mom.

There was a lot of direction in my life (though, in retrospect, not always the right direction) until I stopped working after we adopted PunditGirl. I didn’t intend for that to happen. But the job I had disappeared on our return from China with our new daughter and I didn’t want the one that was offered in exchange.

A sign, I said to myself. And, in a way, it was — a sign that I should get back to my writing and a profession in journalism I had put on the shelf for law school and accidental lawyerdom.

In some ways, it was easy to ignore my life because PunditGirl’s life was all-consuming. Helping her get what she needed was, and is, a task that many days leaves me drained and I don’t have the energy even for the little things, let alone aggressively pursuing a career.

Before I leave my decade of the forties, that has to change. As I start this journey, I figured I’d invite you to join me! I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog, but heck, this place is kind of comfy so why break in a new spot?

A few things I do know — there will be no walkers, no early-bird specials and no Bingo for this PunditMom.

After all, if 50 is the new 30, I guess 49 is the new 29! And at 29, I figure I can do anything!

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16 Responses to “The Year of Turning 50 — Part 1”

  1. Sandra Says:

    You DO look freakishly young. And that is a compliment.

    I hope this 29-circa-49 enroute to a fabulous 50 brings you exactly what you are hoping for.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Mayberry Says:

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Mom101 Says:

    You do NOT look your age.

    And I’m turning four-oh this year if it makes you feel better in some backhanded weird way. Stupid years ending in 8.

  4. Paige Says:

    Most people lie about their age in the opposite direction. You, on the other hand, have chosen to lie and tell me you were pushing fifty.

    You are a curious lass, Pundit Mom, one I am definitely looking forward to meeting.


  5. jen Says:

    i said it before, and i’ll say it again – you are one smoking woman, sister.

  6. Mauigirl Says:

    PunditMom, do not fret about 50. It’s just a number! And don’t tear up that AARP card, it can come in handy for discounts, LOL! (And I hate to admit it, but I look forward to the magazine – it’s very, um, pertinent to my lifestage).

    It’s funny you have “how did I get here?” as one of your tags. I felt that way about 40. I was horrified by turning 40. I woke up in a cold sweat at 4 a.m. and asked myself “How did I get here???”

    But 50 was OK. I knew where I was at 50 and understood my priorities in life and was much more focused than when I turned 40. Now I’m 54 and am itching to start a new career of some sort. As soon as I get that early pension at 55 I can go start anew!

    So you go girl, take on the world. You’re still a spring chicken. Life begins at 50.

  7. Mary Says:

    Ah, PunditMom. I just turned 45 and felt the number drape around my neck–halfway there. There’s a beautiful poem you need by Joyce Sutphen and I posted it on November 26th on my blog: Crossroads.

    Just a line from the poem:”The second half of my life will be black to the white rind of the old and fading moon.”

    It is hard to get old, period. Youth is beautiful and rich with potential. We have less time left. That’s a challenge to use it well. One more poet – Mary Oliver asks, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

    Turning fifty will be transformative. It’s going to happen anyway, to all of us, if we’re lucky. Let’s all do with focus and intent.

  8. Anali Says:

    Happy New Year PunditMom! I thought you were younger than me. You really DO look freakishly young. Live it up girl! : D

  9. impromptublogger Says:

    I am still 2 1/2 years away from 50 but I do feel that number slowly creeping up on me. As for AARP – it pissed me off to get a spam from them last month. I am so not ready for that.

    It doesn’t help that of course my daughter thinks I’m older than dirt (I did the same with my parents when I was her age too). ;-)

  10. Lawyer Mama Says:

    No. friggin. way.

    I’m going to have to see a birth certificate before I believe this one. I’m just not buying it.

    In my mind, we’re the same timeless age. It’s just a number, right?

  11. the end of motherhood Says:

    Hey, I’m turning 50 this year too. I have some New Year’s resolutions specifically designed for the big milestone. 1. take more risks 2. practice yoga and write every day. Confucius said that after 30, people are either set in a pattern of expansion or contraction.My bet is that you will keep on expanding. I know just what you mean about the struggle to return to work after the being absorbed in your child’s life. It’s gonna be fun!

  12. Magpie Says:

    And I thought I was – at 47 – the oldest blogger out there!

    You’re great!

  13. Shannon Says:

    No way. You do not look 50. Happy Birthday in October.

  14. selfmademom Says:

    It’s what’s on the inside that counts, or something like that. You look amazing, and your attitude is great! I’ll look forward to following your journey…

  15. Rhea Says:

    I turned 49 last year, too, and the only reason I will not be tearing up my AARP card is that I’ve been writing a blog for baby boomers for the past 2 years and when you write and think about it almost every day, you get really, really inured to the whole thing. I hardly care at all that I will be 50. Couldn’t have said that before the blog. Thank God for the blog! By the way, I am adding you to my baby boomer blogroll.

  16. Redsy Says:

    You make 49 look like 15 so THERE

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