Can We PLEASE Forget About the Blue Dress?

Thu, March 20, 2008


I KNEW that no one really cared about Hillary Clinton’s schedule.

Not the schedule per se. The interest was to use it as a tool to go after her. That’s what it looks like today.

Don’t believe me? Then go read this:

Hillary At White House on ‘Stained Blue Dress’ Day

I knew that MSNBC was out to get Hillary, but I didn’t know that ABC was on that anti-woman bandwagon, as well. That there is some serious “investigative” work by “Brian Ross and the Investigative Team” over at ABC. Is there a legitimate news reason to run that story with that headline? Go ahead — try to convince me.

Just as I’m sure we as a nation couldn’t care less about the innumerable ladies’ lunches I’m sure Hillary had during her stint as First Lady, this nation is way past Blue Dress Fatigue.

But here’s the thing I don’t get — why is there such an insistence to criticize Clinton for the sins of her husband? Sure, she thought it was all a right-wing conspiracy, but PLEASE!!! There is one reason and one reason only to have this headline, and that’s to help tank her race.

One’s memory doesn’t have to be too long to know that when it comes to anything related to sex and elected officials, the perpetrator of the sin isn’t the only one the media consider fair game. Just ask Silda Wall Spitzer. And Dina McGreevey.

Just promise me this, MSM — no matter what happens this time around, in the 2012 presidential race, stories like this will be buried, just like the blue dress should be.

(Thanks to my pal MOMocrat Debbie for alerting me to this craziness).

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5 Responses to “Can We PLEASE Forget About the Blue Dress?”

  1. Linda Says:

    I was also sick at heart to see this story pumped up on ABC’s website this morning and teased on Good Morning America.

    But Spitzer’s shenanigans whetted the public’s appetite for salacious details on all things illicit. That appetite is like the plant Audrey II in the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Once it gets a taste of blood, it screams “Feed me!” And of course the media obliges.

    However, I *was* surprised to see this coming from ABC News, which I thought had integrity – at least until now.

  2. Nancy Says:

    I’ll try to find the link, but I saw a great article about the release of these documents, sort of a Myth/Fact thing. I’ll be back.

    Lauren (not Nancy, really!)

  3. Mamma Says:

    I’m seriously starting to suffer from primary fatigue. I had to sit through a business PAC presentation today discussing how the D party was tearing itself apart (and they were all smirking).

    It’s only going to get uglier…

  4. hollibobolli Says:

    I saw it – it made me want to vomit. There has been so much unbalance lately towards Hilary, it really just makes me feel more protective.. when it shouldn’t be playing a part either way!

    I’m too much of a political junkie for my own good – and my patience with the media this time is wearing down fast.

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