Dee Dee Myers is Ready to Rule the World. Are You?

Mon, March 24, 2008


I have long joked that things would be a lot different when I’m King of the World.

Public places would have more “rest” facilities for women since the lines are always so much longer than for the guys.

Men would be required to do half of the child care for their own kids and every employer would have on-site day-care facilities.

And while I’m at it, I’ll hire Clive Owen and John Cusack to clean my house and cook the meals! Hey, it’s my fantasy, right?

I do believe there is plenty of truth to the argument that loads of things would be better if women ruled the world.

Dee Dee Myers has beaten me to the punch in bringing this discussion to the main stream media.

Myers, the former press secretary to President Clinton, ponders in her new book, Why Women Should Rule the World, an obvious question — just why aren’t there more women in charge of things given the demographics:

Women make up half of law school graduates and roughly a third of all lawyers. But they account for only 15 percent of partners in law firms or federal judges, and 10 percent of law school deans or general counsels at Fortune 500 companies. Women make up nearly half of medical school graduates — but only a quarter of doctors and 10 percent of the deans of medical schools. They are 20 percent of university presidents, but still woefully underrepresented in tenure-track teaching positions, especially in math, science, and engineering. How would a giant increase in the number of women at all levels change law, medicine, and academia?

Yeah, I’ve been wondering that for a long time, too.

We might have a chance to see how that works if Hillary Clinton can overcome the current political situation and move back into the White House in January.

While I’ve made no secret that I cast my ballot for her in my state’s primary election, it’s not a woman president that’s going to get us started down the road to world domination. Things have to start changing in our neighborhoods and our workplaces before our country is ready for a woman to take the helm.

If we can’t even get our society, especially so many employers, to see the importance of having more women lead law firms, head up universities and hospitals, and run businesses, how can we get one controversial “girl” to be in charge of Air Force One?

I’m ready to start trying to convince the guys that I’ve got more to talk about than school pick-up and playdates, how about you?

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10 Responses to “Dee Dee Myers is Ready to Rule the World. Are You?”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Wow. If I could get really awesome daycare at my place of employment, I would go back to work, AND have another baby!

  2. Maria Says:

    I think women are in a no-win situation. My friend’s coworker was told that she needed to spend more time at home with her baby… by her BOSS! She changed jobs, but the thought of that is so ludicrous to me. No one would say that to a father. Like it or not, we, as women, are still held back by men making hiring/promotion decisions, and it is frustrating.

    Yes, we can do better and more for ourselves, but until the overall mindset of our country changes, we are going to continue to have to fight an uphill battle just to maintain the status quo.

    And if it comes down to Hillary vs. John, I’m pickin’ the lady! :)

  3. emily Says:

    I like your blog for its immediacy, but c’mon!
    Women must begin to shed their monikers, you included!
    By using “mommy”-this-and-that we sideline ourselves!

  4. PunditMom Says:

    Emily, does my “moniker” take away from what I write here? I don’t think so. Would you also say that talking about the fact that I’m a woman somehow “sidelines” what I have to say?

  5. Maria Says:

    Why change our motherhood? Why not work to change society’s perception and acceptance of that part of our lives? Why does a “mommy” need to be sidelined but not a “daddy?” Socialization…

  6. the end of motherhood Says:

    Oh, yes, I’d say we are long past due for our shot at ruling the world.

  7. Grim Reality Girl Says:

    punditmom, I agree with you 100% except for the Hilary Clinton part. I’m sorry, she will never get my vote. Please give me another female candidate — please!

  8. Jenny, the Bloggess Says:


  9. Daisy Says:

    On a related note, in the world of autism parenting we often say that the Secretary of War should be an autism mom or dad. Why? We always expect the unexpected, and we always, ALWAYS have an exit strategy.

  10. jodifur Says:

    If I ruled the world, I would get rid of daylight savings time b/c it is dumb.

    It was so great to meet you last night in person!

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