Mothers of Intention — Color Me Underwhelmed!

Thu, March 27, 2008

Mothers of Intention

Welcome, albeit a tad late — you know, life gets in the way sometimes — to this week’s installment of Mothers of Intention. My lovely and talented guest this week? Queen of the Mayhem!

Hey all, Queen of the Mayhem here! I was both shocked and flattered when PM asked me to contribute to her “Mothers of Intention” concept. Seeing as I stick mostly to the nonsense over at the Mayhem… may be questioning her judgment after reading my posting! However, never one to back down from a challenge (and after several therapist sessions and mood altering drugs later)…..I decided to join the discussion…no matter how ill prepared I may seem!

You see…..I have a dirty little secret to share……I am both a Republican and a blogger! I know, I know….you thought they only existed in fairy tales (or horror stories….depending on your perspective) but here I am! We are a relatively rare breed….here in the blogosphere….at least in the small “circles” in which I run. Of course, my red leanings do not diminish the love I have for all my Democrat buddies (at least that is what I tell them…so they keep visiting my site…hee-hee). I just have slightly different views on certain things…..and more in common with many of my blue friends than you would think!

In the interest of “fair and balanced” PM asked me to share my views on the election. Can’t you just hear all the Republicans……you know…..the truly eloquent ones……letting out a sigh of defeat knowing that I am here to speak for them? I suppose I should take this honor seriously…….research each item that concerns me….and report with a portfolio of documents to back up what I am saying……but, that is just NOT how I roll! As a full time professional, mother of two, and wife I am just doing my best to keep myself informed of the candidates and their views on the issues that are important to me.

Which brings me to my overall theme of this post. Each of the three candidates bring some interesting ideas and personalities to the table….but overall, I am not blown away by any of them. I am concerned that we are faced with an election full of characters that are lacking, albeit possibly only somewhat, in the substance category. Let’s examine them one by one…shall we?

John McCain (Now…you KNEW I had to talk about him first!)

Don’t misunderstand, I like John McCain. I think he has the ability and experience to lead this country……..but some of his views concern me….and I am slightly unsure as to whether or not he is a “Democrat in Republican’s clothing”. Not to mention this man is OLD….OLD people! Some of his rants remind me of the grouchy old man we all know who gripes about the good old days and how all the “young kids these days” don’t appreciate anything. Of course…with all the mudslinging happening in the Democratic party, this grouchy old man is becoming more attractive each and every day!

Hillary Clinton

Can I just embrace my nonsensical side (as usual) and share that the main adjective I have to describe this woman is ICK? Every time I watch her I feel like I am staring at a robot. Almost like the fembots of Austin Powers fame….definitely more intelligent, less attractive…….but dangerous all the same! We already had eight years of the Clintons in the White House, I can’t bear the thought of any more. Not to mention that her views on many things border on Socialist! I am all for a woman being able to achieve whatever a man can………but NOT this woman. I do not think she is up for the challenge!

Barack Obama

I do have to hand it to this man……he is charismatic. However, I fear his inexperience and questionable associations may lead to his undoing. A friend of mine described the type of voter Barack appeals to the best, he said “He (Obama) reaches out to the people who are smoking hopium”. Don’t get me wrong…..I like the idea of change, I like the idea of hope and a better life for myself and my family….but does he have the experience to deliver on these grand ideas? I don’t know. And, even though I feel like I am stuck in a bad Seinfeld episode (“I don’t think we are supposed to be talking about this!”) the whole Reverend thing is concerning to me! I am all about the idea of free speech, and it is abundantly clear that his preacher feels strongly about his beliefs…….but really……I struggle to conceive that someone who longs to bring the country (and the races) together just did not notice all the hate spit by his pastor over TWENTY years! While I do appreciate B publicly condemning the racist comments, it leaves me concerned that he was, supposedly, unaware of it until now!

There you have it…..color this Red gal underwhelmed by all three candidates! While all three have their strengths…..I find myself struggling to get energized over any of them.

See, PunditMom has LOTS of Republican friends here in the blogosphere! When she’s not scratching her head over the presidential race, you can find the Queen hanging out with her brood at Queen of the Mayhem!

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19 Responses to “Mothers of Intention — Color Me Underwhelmed!”

  1. Donna Says:

    I love that PunditMom opened up this space for other POV’s.

    I don’t agree with a thing you said (other than the fact that McCain — who I respect — is OLD), but I loved reading it, anyway :)

  2. Paige Says:

    Smoking hopium! Hilarious.

    I can always count on the Queen for an entertaining read.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Terrific job, Queenie, from another blogging Republican. We are out here – we’re just incognito!

  4. Margaret Says:

    Long Live The Queen!!!

    Thanks for speaking up for us conservatives!!!

  5. Candid Says:

    You did a great job! Hopium! New and funny…love it!

    (I’m Republican but I’m turning toward the dark side this year….)

    I actually agreed with most everything you said. Laughing my butt off ‘fembot’! Yeah…I totally agree there!

  6. Amy@UWM Says:

    “Ick.” Love it.

  7. Dorky Dad Says:

    I want this whole election to just go away. Can’t we just let the old, rich, creepy guys decide the next president from lounge chairs in smoky back rooms and leave me to playing backgammon?

  8. Mamma Says:

    Hi QoM!

    *waving frantically at my computer screen*

    So glad to see you over here. Why? Because I love that we can disagree but have a civil political conversation and still want to go have margaritas after it’s all over.

    Great post!!

  9. kellyo75 Says:

    So, I knew I loved you before. Now I know you are a REPUBLICAN and I completely, totally HEART you! It’s funny-these are the exact views I have on the candidates. And I LOVE Hopium-too funny. Great job!

  10. Daisy Says:

    I must say that no matter what else is going on in this election, it’s not dull!

  11. Super B's Mom Says:

    Queen – my love for you grows now that I know you are a Republican.

    I KNOW I KNOW – I’d adore you anyway…but this is just the icing on the cake. I am also concerned that all party loyalty aside – the candidates just aren’t impressing me.

    And like you, I’m ALL for a woman running the show – but my gosh not THAT ONE. And I had to lmao about the Fembots…but I was actually leaning towards Frau Farbissina.

    Rock on, Queen!

  12. Marine Wife Says:

    I don’t consider myself a Republican. Stretch and I usually cancel out each other’s Presidential votes because he is conservative and I’m not. However, this year, I have to say I pretty much agreed with your take on both Hilary and Obama. As for McCain, I like him. I’m just surprised he made it this far!

  13. In_spired Says:

    Loved your political post, Queen…mainly because I agree with what you wrote. But there was a teeny, weeny tinge of political correctness in your statements. I kept wondering when you were going to come right out, without “mincing words” and tell it like it is…like you did about the s-i-l!! (lol)

    smoking hopium??? I wish I had a mind that conjured up phrases like that!!

  14. Ana Says:

    Smoking hopium – too funny! What a wonderful read. So nice to come across your blog. Speak it sister and keep it real!

  15. Lynn Says:

    OMG!!! I agree totally with everything you said about the candidates. I am not alone!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts : )

  16. La Cremiere Says:

    This is a very good – no – an excellent summary of the political situation in America; and if not a summary that everyone will agree with, at least an excellent reflection of my own judgement – not that I am judging anyone, especially since I am not American and won’t be voting at your election. I liked Clinton, and I think it would be awesome to have a woman president for such a great and influancial country like the US; but she is sooooooooooo anal, it will bore the world to death. McCain, he’s great but didn’t the world have enough of the Democrats for the last 8 years? Haven’t they messed up your economy and other countries enough? Obama, I love him, just like I love my president; young, dynamic, new ideas, different ideals; he’ll be a breath of fresh air for both your country and the world. But I thought the same thing when they announced his reverend story on the news; I don’t believe that it’s the first time his preacher made racists comments; how can he associate himself with that? He’s
    a candidate to lead the most powerful country in the world, he’s black and he associates himself with a racist preacher???!!! That ain’t right.

  17. PunditMom Says:

    Dorky Dad — I have to say, I have plenty of moments when I think the same thing.

    And thanks “Queen!” (Me bowing to royalty here!)

  18. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I’m so excited that you wrote a political post! Go, Queen!

    Of course you know I disagree with pretty much everything you said except that McCain is old. Big surprise, right? LOL!

    I miss Edwards. Sigh. But I know you wouldn’t like his socialist tendencies either. (-;

    Oh yeah, (you know I had to make a substantive comment, right?) Obama did know about his preacher’s viewpoints. He said so in his very eloquent speech about it. But I get where he’s coming from. I have many friends who attend Catholic churches where the priests teach doctrine they don’t agree with: against gays & lesbians, abortion, birth control…. But they get much more than that from their churches and so they stay. I can respect that.

  19. Gunfighter Says:

    Wait a minute you’re… a Republican?


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