Follow the Leader — Elizabeth Edwards at the Center for American Progress

Wed, April 16, 2008

Making Our Political Voices Heard

It’s no secret that I and many of the MOMocrats are big fans — I mean BIG fans — of Elizabeth Edwards.

She’s long been a woman after my own heart — politically-oriented, not afraid to speak her mind, at the ready to set the MSM straight when it’s needed.

She’s not afraid to take on the McCain, as she proved recently when she took him to task for his version of health care for America.

Even though her husband’s race for the Presidency is over, Elizabeth is not resting her political voice. She’s joined the progressive think tank Center for American Politics as a senior fellow on health care issues. Plus, she won’t be far from the blogosphere — she’ll be contributing to the CAP blog, Wonk Room, as well.

And it’s no secret that Elizabeth Edwards is committed to the cause of universal health care, but I’m so excited that she has taken on this role to keep the issue in the public conversation.

The CAP is based in Washington, D.C., so I’m sensing there may be a new power couple in town! Imagine what Elizabeth and John Edwards can do for this country as passionate advocates for universal health care and ending poverty even though they won’t be living in the White House.

I’m thinking they may be able to get even more done without moving into that big, white house. But then again, there’s still a chance John Edwards could have an office in a new Democratic administration, even though it’s not shaped like an oval.

Either way, the Edwards aren’t going off the political stage, and that can only be a good thing for the Democrats.

And Elizabeth, please feel free to stop by Chez PunditMom for some coffee and political talk any time you’re in town. I’m not that far from your new office!

When Joanne isn’t straightening up her kitchen just in case Elizabeth Edwards stops by, you can find her thinking of new ways to go all political over at

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5 Responses to “Follow the Leader — Elizabeth Edwards at the Center for American Progress”

  1. Chicky Chicky Baby Says:

    The only hope I have for American politics these days is because the Edwards are still around and fighting. And I love Elizabeth Edwards so much it hurts.

  2. Lisa Says:

    As the past few years have passed, I have grown to admire E.E. a great deal. I was a tepid supporter of J.E. for President and now wish I had taken a stronger stance in his favor. I look forward to her increased presence in national issues and will follow her new endeavors!

  3. Mamma Says:

    How cool would it be if we could convince her to come hang out with us?!

    But you know if she did hang out with us she’d want to be our best friend. And then it would get all embarrassing when we’d have to make up excuses to prevent her from following us EVERYWHERE.

    Maybe you shouldn’t invite her over afterall.

  4. Mamma Says:

    Oh yeah, and she’s my political hero.

  5. Jessica Says:

    If you ever have her over, I’ll wear black and white, take coats, serve coffee…GRATIS.

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