Like I Need Any More Reasons to ‘Heart’ Elizabeth Edwards

Sun, April 27, 2008

Making Our Political Voices Heard

While I’ve accepted the fact that my dream presidential ticket of Edwards/Edwards will probably never come to pass (and it doesn’t matter to me which one is the Presidential candidate and which one goes for V.P), I’m ecstatic that the sensible, practical voice of Elizabeth Edwards is still part of the 2008 campaign.

While she is working on health care policy issues over at the Center for American Progress, taking the Republicans to task, she’s also got her eye on the media’s continued lackluster, ADD-type coverage of the campaign at the New York Times.

Nobody gets a free pass when Elizabeth is watching. And I like that. Maybe if more of us took her approach to putting out voices and opinions out there, and we weren’t afraid of political confrontation, we’d be more effective for the causes that matter to us, not matter what they are and no matter what our political affiliation.

Now that’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

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3 Responses to “Like I Need Any More Reasons to ‘Heart’ Elizabeth Edwards”

  1. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    I have to say…..I have always been impressed with her. The other Dems could learn a lot from her! :)

  2. Catherine Morgan Says:

    I think Elizabeth Edwards is an excellent role model for all women.

  3. adriana Says:

    I really like Elizabeth Edwards too.

    She is correct in that the media has focused a lot on what he said/she said and who has raised the most money during the past few months instead of focusing on the issues. I think that one of the reasons the traditional media has kept up this “horse race” even though Obama is ahead in delegates and popular vote is that it takes away from the real issues.

    Note, how the press didn’t cover John Edwards after they decided that he was no longer “viable.”

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