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Wed, April 2, 2008

Mothers of Intention

While today’s Mothers of Intention post was not written for PunditMom, former John Edwards staffer Tracy Russo alerted me to it.

Elizabeth Edwards is speaking out about the health care proposal of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Over the weekend, she criticized it when speaking to a group of journalists. Now Elizabeth Edwards has written an open letter to John McCain at The Wonk Room blog taking him to task for a proposal that she says would not cover her pre-existing condition (breast cancer) or McCain’s (skin cancer).

While neither Edwards nor McCain have to worry about their personal health insurance, the point is a powerful one. What would happen to my mom, another cancer survivor, if she couldn’t keep the policy she and my dad have now? What would happen to my many friends who have fought breast cancer and lymphoma? We’ve all got friends and family who for one medical condition or another would be out of luck under McCain’s plan.

Take a minute to read her short, yet powerful, explanation of who would lose under McCain’s health care plan.

As I wrote yesterday over at MOMocrats blog, Elizabeth Edwards has her finger on the pulse of the health care plans of the remaining Big Three. Aside from health care being a personal issue for her, her husband John Edwards was the first Democratic presidential contender to come out with a comprehensive proposal that would have covered every American.

While the Edwards aren’t endorsing a candidate for president at this point, it’s great to know that they haven’t given up on fighting for quality health care for all of us.

Thanks Elizabeth.

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5 Responses to “Mothers of Intention — Elizabeth Edwards & The Wonk Room Blog”

  1. Blog Antagonist Says:

    Thanks for the heads’ up on that letter. I’m going to go read it right now. Health care reform is my hot button issue for me, so it’s definitely something that will be a deciding factor in how I cast my vote.

  2. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I respect her even more now.

  3. In_spired Says:

    Thanks for your little visit to my blog (in reference to Queen’s post) She is one of my favorite bloggers (if not the MOST).

    This is the first time in my looong life that I’ve really taken an interest in politics. (much to my shame)

    You’ll probably find me skulking around on your blog from now on…

  4. TEOM Says:

    I love it because now that he is no longer running, she can speak with even more clarity to the issue.

  5. modmom Says:

    very important to me as a breast cancer survivor on high surveillance for recurrence + recovering from the congestive heart failure chemo caused (i know you already know, but in case elisabeth is reading, i want her to know i can totally relate + feel passionate about this issue + appreciative she’s taking it on).

    i have 2-3 doctor’s appointments per week, with 12 scheduled now into late may. i’m so scared i won’t get all my appointments done before something goes wrong with my insurance, but i’ll have appointments, scans + tests the rest of my life

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