Go Read It: Misogyny I Won’t Miss

Race and gender have gotten a lot of play in this presidential contest, but in different ways.

Plenty of outlets have discussed the inappropriateness of taking race into consideration when choosing our next president, as well as how the candidates are covered by the media. Many haven’t quite had the same qualms about playing the gender card.

In today’s Washington Post, Marie Cocco in her article Misogyny I Won’t Miss, gives a round-up of the more blatant examples of gender bias in the press, some that she feels even border on outright hatred. of women.

The worst example of all? Surprisingly, it’s not the Hillary nutcracker.

Cocco feels the worst of all has been the virtual silence of the DNC and the Democratic leadership to the running anti-woman commentary against Hillary Clinton. Next time guys, step up and speak out against all forms of bias, OK?

Thanks, Marie.

I’m also hanging out with the Mommybloggers today talking about whether my Obama friends will still like me in the morning! Thanks for the invite, Jenn!

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5 Responses to “Go Read It: Misogyny I Won’t Miss”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yes, thanks Marie and thank you PunditMom for the heads-up.

    I promptly forwarded her article to my dear husband, with whom I just had this argument last night – he just doesn’t want to get it!

    I don’t dispute that Hillary has made some crucial mistakes, missteps and blunders in her campaign, however, I am sickened at the attacks based on her gender.

    Maria’s last paragraphs really summed it up with the comparisons to similar antics applied to Obama. We all know how well those would go over, don’t we?

    I really look forward to finding a way to be the “trouble” that Bill Kristol accuses me of being! Any suggestions??


  2. Julie Pippert Says:

    Fair indictment of the DNC.

    Like Lisa said about her husband, mine doesn’t want to get it. He’s that good-hearted person who simply can’t believe there is misogyny. It’s almost easier to deal with a straight-up misogynist!

    I’ll let you know if I’m still your friend in the morning ;) but feel free to check in (but not like a cell phone commercial LOL) anytime. :)

  3. anniegirl1138 Says:

    Thank you for that great link! Awesome summation. We revile places like Saudi Arabia for their treatment of women, but at least women in countries like that can point a finger at the problem for all to see. Sexism is all around us in North America to the point that it is not seen by most many and sadly way too many women.

    Clinton made mistakes in her tactics but the first mistake she made was being born female. A woman will not be president in my lifetime.

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I read this article yesterday and I had to stop myself from getting up & screaming, “Finally! Someone gets it!” You know that despite being an Obama supporter I’ve written about what a raw deal HRC has gotten in this race.
    Sexism is the last PC form of discrimination. If we complain, we’re being too sensitive.
    My hubby doesn’t really get it either. He’s usually very aware of stuff like that which makes me realize just how ingrained it is in our society. ARGH!

  5. Staci Schoff Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone. The other day I read a comment on another article about this and a WOMAN said “Well, what good is it to have the first woman president if she had to lie and cheat and steal to get there?”

    And I thought, dumbass, how do you think all the men got there?!

    I don’t believe she’s cheated or stole, but I know she lies like all politicians and I’m not defending lying, but why is she held to a different standard than anybody else?

    What if I say I don’t like Obama because I don’t want the first African American president to be someone who paid $52 billion dollars to marketing and branding companies to turn him into something he’s not so he could win?

    But he’s a man, so it’s ok for him I guess.

    Hitting send before I have to take some blood pressure medication!

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