And Then There Was Vacation

Fri, June 27, 2008

Moms & Politics

So the Democrats seem to have the whole “unity” thing under control.

John McCain is apparently going to be spending some time learning about the interwebs.

So, as things slow down a bit politically, that’s a good cue for me to take a much needed respite. It’s hard to keep myself from going all pundit-y. It’s in my blood. I can’t help it.

But now that summer is officially upon us, the whole extended PunditFamily is headed out for some much needed down time.

You know I will come back “tanned, rested and ready.” But in the meantime, poke around some of my archives. Spend some time with the other MOMocrats. And if you could do one more thing.

Don’t forget about my $27 Political Revolution. While I’m hanging out with my family, send me an E-mail or post a comment about where you’re going to contribute to make your 2008 political statement, and I’ll send you some lovely blog bling!

See you when I get back!

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7 Responses to “And Then There Was Vacation”

  1. Pecos Blue Says:

    have a great break and enjoy the 4th.

  2. Mauigirl Says:

    Have a great vacation!

  3. Michael Says:

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  4. BOSSY Says:

    Have an amazing time.

  5. Pendullum Says:

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  6. Queen of the Mayhem Says:

    I hope you are finally getting some rest and relaxation! I just returned from some….and it was GLORIOUS!

  7. Moobs Says:

    Have a whale of a time Pundy.

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