Unity Now?

Thu, June 26, 2008


Friday, all political eyes will be on Unity, New Hampshire for the Unite for Change speech that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going to deliver.

I understand the campaign’s desire to have a little symbolism, but for me this is a tad over the too-obvious line. But I digress.

Many are wondering whether a little speech will help persuade Hillary Clinton’s die-hard fans to join with Barack Obama to sing together in a spirit of harmony and peace for the good of the party in November?

Some looking in from the outside have reason to doubt that will happen. And there is evidence to suggest that, with groups posting information about organized protests before the event, the atmosphere in Unity may not be as welcoming and warm, shall we say ‘uniting,’ as the Obama people would like.

The question I wonder is this — after Hillary Clinton asks her legions, again, to give their full support to Obama, will they do it? Or will they, as some polls suggest, vote for John McCain instead?

I don’t even have to hear the speech to give anyone pondering this “choice” the two words that should seal the deal for voting for Obama — Supreme. Court.

Just think what the Supreme Court of the United States would look like if a GOP president gets to appoint the next justices — we don’t need any junior Scalias or Alitos moving in. I know John Paul Stevens is hanging on, hoping that a Democrat will move into the White House in January. He’s great and I hope he stays on the court for long time, but the man is 88 years old.

So, check back tomorrow for the MOMocrats take on the Unity, New Hampshire event. You know we’ll have some interesting things to chat about!

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4 Responses to “Unity Now?”

  1. JCK Says:

    I really think the “protestors” are a very small sampling of the former Hillary Clinton supporters. I, being one of them, will surely vote for Obama because he stands for the issues that are important.

    I’m looking forward to the speech tomorrow. It should be something to see!

  2. Elaine Says:

    Help me understand what the protesters are trying to accomplish. To me, they just come off as vindictive and sore losers. I’m scratching my head over here …


  3. anniegirl1138 Says:

    Have you read the piece by Rebecca Traister at Salon? She makes a good point (or 12). Clinton supporters are still angry and more because they are not being heard than true dislike of Obama.

    In my own case this recent hard sell of Michelle Obama’s “housewife” side is rankling. Am I to believe that the Obama campaign is serious about women’s issues when they are trying to repackage his wife into something less offensive for the sexist populance?

  4. judy in ky Says:

    I hope Hillary supporters can start to see the “bigger picture” before November. The differences between Obama and McCain are too great to ignore. We need a change! Hillary will still be there, working behind the scenes.

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