Go Read It: Obama for Women, Not the Other Way Around

Does Barack Obama have a real commitment to women in his campaign??

It’s a question I continue to ponder. For a take on this question by a progressive woman all progressive women should admire, go read What Obama Needs to Attract Women’s Votes, by Gloria Feldt, the former president or Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

As always, Gloria makes excellent points about what’s missing from the Obama campaign. Here’s hoping he, or Michelle, take her words to heart.

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3 Responses to “Go Read It: Obama for Women, Not the Other Way Around”

  1. Gloria Feldt Says:

    Thanks for the reference, PunditMom. Always the activist, I suggest that for more traction, if readers agree with my sentiments, please send a note with a link to it to Barack Obama using this feedback form on his website:

  2. David Says:

    OK. I may have missed this, but what in your opinion does Senator Obama need to do to earn your vote? Is there a position or set of positions he needs to change? Is there a commitment he must make? What would convince you?

  3. pajamadeen Says:

    Hmmm…that’s interesting, that Obama was “testy” on the phone. Might not be so testy with a CEO, is what springs to mind. Was invited last week to a “Women for Obama” meeting in a nearby town and will probably go just to see what’s it’s like/get a better feel. But still, I can’t see not voting or voting for McCain. Actually, I can’t personally think of any reason to vote for McCain.

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