Opted, Pushed or Just Plain Fired?

Tue, July 22, 2008


I thought my brain would be re-energized and refreshed by a few days with lots of women and a hotel room to myself.

This morning, I find myself continually trying to reboot my brain. A few days away also brings with it mountains of things to catch up on, so I will let the New York Times do my work today!

First came the opted-out theory about why so many women were, at least anecdotally, leaving the workforce. Then came the idea about being pushed-out.

The newest theory, for which there is unfortunately ample evidence, is a lot simpler — moving out of jobs because of the economy. Moving isn’t really quite the right word — fired is probably more appropriate.

All those women that so many people thought were deciding to stay at home with their children rather than stay at the office? Turns out that many were just the victims of a declining economy.

Go check out Women are Now Equal as Victims of Economy to read more about the stats on how we should have seen the signs of this downturn years ago.

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3 Responses to “Opted, Pushed or Just Plain Fired?”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    Another one of those well-Duhhhh!!!!

    When I was laid off in 2005 I would have loved to have taken at least the summer off but given I’m the primary breadwinner I had no choice. I was lucky to find comparable work in about a month, but many people are not so lucky. Ahhh – the DC job market is still good!

  2. Lady M Says:

    Hey, women are just like other people. Wow, nice of them to finally notice!

    Nice seeing you this weekend!

  3. selfmademom Says:

    It’s funny how we over analyze all the causes of “opting out” when the reality is such a broader issue. Again, confirming my opinion that all this opt out noise and mommy wars are just media hype.

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