DNC on the Homefront: Barack Obama’s Speech

Thu, August 28, 2008


I’m going to try my hand at not so much multi-tasking tonight. No live-blogging for me, but I’ll be hanging out on Twitter commenting on the coverage tonight and would love to “chat” and discuss everyone’s thoughts on the big event!

Also, just a general question in my mind — how long after Obama finishes his speech will John McCain announce his VP? You know he’ll want to do everything he can to steal Obama’s media thunder!

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One Response to “DNC on the Homefront: Barack Obama’s Speech”

  1. Sornie Says:

    The rumors alone of who McCain’s running mate would be created a bit of buzz but it would have taken McCain choosing a reanimated Adofl Hitler to drown out the electricity that Obama filled the country with last night. Having said that, Pawlenty will NOT be the republican running mate as he’s at the state fair today doing his WCCO radio show live. My guess is Romney and the longshot is Lieberman. We’ll know in a couple hours.

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