DNC on the Homefront: The Clintons Set the Stage for Obama

Thu, August 28, 2008


Both Hillary and Bill Clinton had inspiring speeches at the Democratic Convention this week. And while they clearly have different speaking styles, their speeches had two things in common — first, they talked in detail about the problems faced by so many Americans, like little or no health care, sending our children to war and trying to earn a living wage.

But they also framed this election as a battle to do two things — rebuild America and restore our image as a world leader.

Both Hillary and Bill gave example after example of why they believe it’s important for a Democrat to be in the White House — the fight for people like the mom with cancer trying to take care of her sons and standing up for parents of an autistic child whose choices in order to get health care for their child is to either quit one of their jobs or get a divorce so they can qualify for Medicaid.

Both Clintons focused on the small pictures, the pictures of Americans struggling, as well as the big picture — what the next President should do for the country.

They set the stage. They primed the audience of the faithful. To use a sports metaphor, they have teed it up as nicely as they can for Barack Obama when he speaks this evening before 70,000 people in Denver. The Clintons have made their speeches and stepped out of the convention spotlight.

So now, it’s up to him. Tonight is the night that Barack Obama is really going to have to hit it out of Invesco field. Because even as motivating as the Democratic convention has seemed, the Republicans are up next and they’ll take whatever opportunities they can to knock him back down.

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2 Responses to “DNC on the Homefront: The Clintons Set the Stage for Obama”

  1. Sara Says:

    I agree that the Clintons did help inspire people to vote for Obama. Hilary was also very humble by not acknowledging the fact that she only got a few less votes than Obama herself. She still was able to show her support for him even though she did mention her accomplishments as well. I also believe it is important to have a democrat in the white house for the purpose of having health care available to everyone.

  2. Gunfighter Says:

    I find remarkable is that there are people that still believe that Barack Obama needed some sort of validation from the Clintons at all.

    Sure, I am glad they support him, but you know what? He won the party’s nomination despite them.

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