Hillary Clinton’s Speech Day Two

Wed, August 27, 2008


It’s not enough to have a speech at a national convention. Or to have many of us chat about it and blog about it live!

Day Two always provides some good distance to parse and and analyze. Did Hillary do enough to get her legions to wholeheartedly back Barack Obama? Did she not talk about him enough? Did she talk about herself too much? Is orange really the new black?

There was a lively discussion here at Chez PunditMom with my fellow bloggers about all those issues. Needless to say, we all had our own nuanced takes on the speech and the evening.

But as we build to the big speech on Thursday night, I wonder — will Bill Clinton’s speech tonight take it further — his part two to her part one? And does Bill come out as the attack dog tonight and really let John McCain have it?

More thoughts later.

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6 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s Speech Day Two”

  1. Cynthia Samuels Says:

    Live-blogging was great fun; thanks for the opportunity. I wonder along with you — so many variables and so little time. It’s going to be 2.5 months of cliff-hanger.

  2. Liz Says:

    I thought the speech was pretty good – dragged a little in the middle, and maybe that’s where she didn’t talk about Obama enough, but I loved the beginning (proud mother, proud senator from NY, proud American, proud Obama supporter) and I was practically on my feet in my living room just like the crowd in Denver at the end when she quoted Harriet Tubman!

    I was going to vote for a Democrat no matter who the nominee was, so I didn’t need to be convinced, but I thought her speech did the job.

  3. Redstocking Grandma Says:

    I thought it was an excellent speech. I didn’t expect her to praise Obama to the skies. Then people would be analyzing how convincing her sincerity was. I supported Hillary; since her concession I have been working very hard for Obama. But I concentrate on attacking Bush and McCain; raving about Obama, particularly after his FISA cave-in, is too much to expect. I still think the Democrats are nominating the wrong candidate; I just don’t say it.

    Basically Hillary can’t do anything right. No other defeated Democratic presidential candidate has been held to such impossible standards. So few people seem to know how Teddy Kennedy sabotaged Carter. Hillary hatred seems to be many people’s major pollitical motivation. Cable TV is obsessed with manufacturing a Clinton-Obama conflict; they ask everyone they interview about it.
    They are undermining Obama this way. They seem to be saying he is not very interesting unless he is ending Hillary’s political career.

  4. Corina Says:

    I loved the speech. I think that it was rousing, that she attacked John McCain sufficiently, that she pointed us to the future and what we need to do as democrats…. join together beyond our candidate. I did think that she talked a little too much about why she was running (although I understand it) but it did seem a little like she was holding onto running for a minute.

    There were lines that had me on my feet. She is an amazing speaker.

    However, I really do hate to say it (because it was such a wonderful speech), but I have to agree with the Republican (WHAT!!!!) take on it (because we really do have to think about how moderates are going to assess the speech as well). What she didn’t say was almost as important as what she did. She didn’t give the people that wonder about his inexperience clarity. She didn’t address all those ads the McCain camp is running, using her own words against the democrats now. And we really have to wonder, no matter unfair or angry they make us, how effective they will be in swaying those moderates.

    Her speech did unify the democrats. (I too was going to vote democrat no matter who was running) but I really don’t know if it was enough to sway those that are independent, sit on the fence, and do worry about having a rookie in the White House.

  5. jodifur Says:

    I really liked the speech, and have not been a Hillary supporter.

    Live blogging was so much fun and maybe we can live blog the election results.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    She lived up to what I expected: amazing!

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