McCain’s Running Mate — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin??

Fri, August 29, 2008


Apparently, neither Tim Pawlenty not Mitt Romney are going to Dayton today.

I’ve been predicting for a while that John McCain will choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a young convservative who is a mother of two teens and who is “pro-life.”

A short time ago, it was reported that a small plane flying from Alaska had landed at a small airport near Cincinnati and an unnamed woman with two teens got off.

Will PunditMom be two for two on the VP predictions?

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22 Responses to “McCain’s Running Mate — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin??”

  1. Redstocking Grandma Says:

    Picking Palin would blow the experience argument out of the water. On the other hand the media would be fascinated by her. Imagine a mother of a 4 month old with Down’s Syndrome running for office! She went back to work 3 days after giving birth taking her breastfeeding baby with her. Hell, I am intrigued.

  2. Amy in Ohio Says:

    Dang, finally a chance to get the scoop (as I live in Cincy) and I missed it.

    My magic decoder ring goes unused yet again.

  3. Shonda Little Says:

    Jesus, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Romney. I think he’d be easier to beat than a breastfeeder.

  4. dallasmamaof2 Says:

    Does he really think that the women are so stupid in this country that they would transfer their vote to McCain simply because he picked a woman? It is an insult to the smart women of this country that he would pick a woman, any woman, even one with NO experience, just because she is a woman. The ‘undecided’ Hillary supporters weren’t just supporting her for her X chromosome– she was a viable candidate… (I guess Romney’s 11 houses threw him out of the running?) After she’s compared ad nauseam to Hillary Clinton, this poor gal is gonna get blown out of the water by Joe Biden (and his record/experience/debating skills). McCain just set back the women’s movement 30-40 years…

    Well, at least he can’t use the experience argument against Obama anymore.

  5. Tracee Says:

    It’s official – It’s Sarah Palin – CNN has already questioned whether she’s a neglectful mother to her newborn downs syndrome baby by running for VP.

    2 days ago weren’t we crying over Biden’s decision to ride the train home to see his sons after their mother died. Everyone thought that was heroic of him – and unusually nurturing. No one thought he was neglectful not to quit his senate seat.

  6. Sornie Says:

    This does indeed throw out the experience argument the repubs had been using but it could draw in some of the Hillary supporters who were dangling their vote in front of McCain. Shrewd of him but unless she’s sharp as a tack in debates, she’s done.

  7. Houseonahill Says:

    She IS sharp as a tack! NOW WHAT??

    She is Pro-Life and a Feminist For Life ~

    If they are elected Roe v Wade is gone.

    Her son deploys to Iraq on Sept. 11, 2008…boy if this is a chess game…YIKES!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Do we really think she can perform as President in Johns abscence and if so than whats the experience issue Johns been pushing

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Talking about not ready to lead she can’t spell Commander in Chief. What the heck was McCain thinkin, he’s tryin too hard to get the undetermined Hillary vote. Sorry John I think you just blew it and all your adviser are at fault

  10. Anonymous Says:

    “Picking Palin would blow the experience argument out of the water.”

    “This does indeed throw out the experience argument the repubs had been using”

    Not at all. In fact, she has more administrative experience than Obama himself, and she would only be Vice President.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    “this poor gal is gonna get blown out of the water by Joe Biden (and his record/experience/debating skills).”

    I’ll grant you that Biden is known for his “attack dog” style. Although, I don’t think his tactics will play well against a woman during the VP debates. He already comes off as a smarmy car-salesman type and debating Palin using his “attack dog” style will likely turn many voters off.

    “McCain just set back the women’s movement 30-40 years…”

    If I’m not mistaken she is the second woman in history to be chosen as a VP and would become the first woman VP elected into office should they win. She was already Alaska’s first woman Governor.

    Only a bitter partisan would characterize her many honorable accomplishments as a “set back” for women.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Nobama just got bitch slapped

  13. anniegirl1138 Says:

    The most interesting thing about this is how will we women react when the sexism rears? First Read on MSNBC is already high-lighting all her “women” qualifications and the commenters are dinging her with the cheerleader/beauty queen stuff.

    Very, very interesting. Makes one imagine that when McCain heard that Obama had gone for the man VP he turned to his staff and said, “Find me a girl.” and then he grinned.

    When did the good of our country get to be such a freaking game.

  14. gunfighter1 Says:

    Sarah PAlin: An act of desperation

  15. WMW Says:

    I thought he’d pick a woman. It seems like such a “me too!” pick–trying to neutralize the “historic” description of Obama’s campaign and snag Hillary’s undecideds.

    All Joe must say: “I know Hillary Clinton. I’ve worked with Hillary Clinton. With all due respect, Gov. Palin, you are no Hillary Clinton!”

    Wendy in OR

  16. Daphne Says:

    that was a bold prediction. biden was known. but I had heard talk of Palin a while ago. it’s a bold choice. whether it works is another story

  17. winecat Says:

    Have to say I think this is a bad choice on McCain’s side on so many different levels.

    One I can think of is how is his medical plan going to cover disabled children? Her new born has down’s. What’s he going to say to all the parents out there? Well Sarah’s child will be covered by the government health care program she won’t have to worry

  18. judy in ky Says:

    In her comment, “houseonahill” pointed out that Palin is pro-life, anti-choice (and I have heard that she is “aggressively so”. She is also pro-NRA and against gun control.
    If the report I heard on NPR is correct, she is also a strict creationist who would certainly oppose teaching evolution in schools (she homeschools her kids).
    From my point of view, if she were to be in charge, the country would be going backwards quickly.

  19. the mama bird diaries Says:

    you are a political pundit rock star.

    i finally bit the bullet and started writing about politics. I just couldn’t hold back any longer.

  20. Karen Says:

    I think it’s an, um, interesting pick. Good on you, punditmom, for predicting it.

    I don’t know much about the woman, save what I’ve heard on the news the past couple of days, but what I have heard leads me to believe we should not go into this underestimating her. (If we’re proved wrong, fine–but better to be prepared).

  21. Ilina Says:

    How did you know? Seriously, CNN should interview you. Now can you tell me some stocks to buy? I’m duly impressed as usual.

  22. Marinka Says:

    Oh for crying out loud! I was lukewarm about Obama’s candidacy before, but now I’m totally on board. If this is McCain’s way of courting the female vote, it’s totally lost on me.

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